Conditions for Issuing Work Permit and Other Electronic Services

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 18 October 2022
Conditions for Issuing Work Permit and Other Electronic Services

Mr. Salem Darwish Al Mohannadi, Head of the Work Permits Section in the Employment Department at the Ministry of Labor, revealed a plan to launch new electronic services specialized in issuing work permits, which will be available on the official website of the Ministry of Labor soon.

He explained that the department is concerned with issuing permits to those who have the residence of their relatives for women or men for appointment to private, governmental, and semi-governmental agencies.

He said that, for example, if a woman whose residence is under the sponsorship of her husband wants to work, she can apply for a work permit for people whose residence is under the sponsorship of their relatives.

The service of issuing a new work permit is carried out in an integrated manner using digital alternatives at all stages of the procedure without the need to review the government service centers. The procedure includes any related person who is not under the sponsorship of the employer and wants to contract with it, as this requires submitting the application for the regular and main professions and submitting the application with special supporting documents for sub-professions.

Regarding the terms and conditions for issuing work permits, he indicated that the service is available to private and joint-stock companies, and the worker's data is registered in terms of the worker's personal number. The facility administrator bears full responsibility for the correctness of the data recorded through the mandatory declaration within the digital service.

He added: As for the attachments required for the service, they include attachments that the system determines automatically according to the type of request. It also requests a copy of the facility card and a copy of the passport when submitting the application, a valid residence and temporary residence card for holders of the Qatari document, along with a copy of the certified and translated educational certificates and a license to practice a profession for engineering, medical and educational disciplines, a copy of the identity card of the current sponsor, a personal photo, and a certificate of good conduct and behavior issued by the State of Qatar.

In addition, a letter of resignation or an affidavit of termination of services in case the applicant left his previous job, an original copy of the contract, and an official letter from the company in case of cancellation are also required.

There are additional documents required, which are a letter of no objection from the Protocol Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in case the applicant is a diplomat under the sponsorship of his embassy, a medical license for medical professions, and an approval letter from the Engineers Acceptance Committee for engineers. As for the letter of approval from the Charitable Works Authority for professions in charitable institutions, it has been canceled. And an approval letter from the Ministry of Education and Higher Education - for professions in schools and a card for people with special needs - with special needs.

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