Developing An Electronic Labor Contract Certification Service in Qatar

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 17 May 2022
Developing An Electronic Labor Contract Certification Service in Qatar

The Ministry of Labor has announced the development of the electronic work contract attestation service, whereby contracts are now checked automatically within minutes after completing the contract attestation request.

The new automated contract auditing service includes all work contracts, except for work contracts for specialized professions that require auditing of professional certificates.

The process of auditing automated contracts is subject to the criteria specified in the Labor Law and all ministerial decisions regulating the ratification of work contracts, as the new service will speed up the ratification of contracts, in addition to ensuring that contracts conform to all specified standards electronically.

This new service comes as part of the efforts of the Ministry of Labor to develop and expedite the procedures for ratifying employment contracts, in addition to its policy to develop smart electronic services and improve the system of electronic services in the labor sector and contribute to facilitating and speeding up the completion of services provided to its clients.

Mr. Abdullah Al-Dosari, Director of Labor Relations Department, confirmed that the new service will enable companies to benefit from the automated contract auditing and ratification service, directly and quickly, by submitting the application electronically, on all days of the week, provided that it complies with the criteria specified in accordance with the law.

Al-Dosari said that the electronic certification service in an integrated manner for the work contract has been able, since its launch in June 2020, to ratify nearly 900,000 contracts electronically without the need to review government service centers, noting that the electronic contract certification service contributed to reducing the time to ratify contracts remarkably. He explained that the process of automatically auditing contracts will be very accurate so that no part of the contract will be overlooked, noting that the goal of those services is to speed up and facilitate the implementation of transactions for the public.

Al-Dosari noted that in order to benefit from the electronic contract authentication service, the worker’s data in the contract should be in reference to either the visa number when attesting the contract for the first-time expatriate, or the indication of the worker’s personal number when ratifying contracts for the resident, And He indicated that the facility official bears full responsibility for the validity of the recorded data and signatures on the contract through the mandatory declaration within the digital service and that the attachments required for the service mainly include the work contract signed by both parties, in addition to additional attachments that the system determines according to the type of contract.

The Ministry of Labor seeks to launch a comprehensive electronic system for all the services it provides during the coming period, especially for companies that are committed to the provisions of the law, explaining that it is coordinating with the various authorities concerned with developing electronic services provided to the public to ensure the quality of services.

It should be noted that the Ministry of Labor currently provides several electronic services, including fast-tracking labor visas, updating facility data, attesting work contracts, and other electronic services.

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