ICDL Education Centers in Qatar

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 08 June 2022
ICDL Education Centers in Qatar

Al-Attiyah Training Center ACT

ICDL Education Centers in Qatar

Al-Attiyah Center is considered one of the first centers working in the field of computer training in Qatar. This center was established in the nineties of the last century, and it is known as an integrated center with regard to the computer system, which means that it contains all the supplies for training, such as computers, display screens, and others.

This center works to provide distinguished and high-quality information in training, in addition to providing software services to the owners of companies, in addition to that, it provides databases on which the business of these companies is based. Also, this center provides technical support that includes all stages of trainee development, starting from the so-called feasibility study, and ending with the design of websites for companies.

This suite of technology includes providing ERP solutions, running SRS, database modeling, coding, and then server maintenance if needed.

In addition, this group provides services, whether for companies or with regard to focused training of expatriates on the Visual Basic program, which is one of the basics of electronic programming education.

Most of all, this center is a certified partner of Microsoft, as it provides a variety of educational services on all Microsoft programs. Excel spreadsheet programs and Word writing programs. In addition, PowerPoint and other notes software and the Internet.

This center is always trying to develop its services, so it resorts to bringing in certified trainers every now and then. If you are looking for a job in this field, just submit an application to the center’s website, but in order to get a job opportunity as a trainer, you must have a suitable educational qualification in the field of information technology, experience, and be a resident in Qatar.

"High-Tech" Center

ICDL Education Centers in Qatar

Hi-Tech is a training company working in the field of computers, whose mission is to provide professional training in this field. It is graduating people who are able to work in the field of computers and programming and are ready to work in any company at the highest level. Hi-Tech was established in the mid-nineties of the last century, and its motto is to always develop the human being so that he can work in any field.

This company adopts the British curriculum in training, accredited by the University of Cambridge, in addition to offering courses in the field of ICDL, and these courses are internationally licensed, so it can be said that this company is one of the leading companies in Qatar that provides training and qualification services in the field of computer education.

Qatar Leadership Academy

ICDL Education Centers in Qatar

Qatar Leadership Academy cooperates with ICDL to develop computer skills in all areas, such as programming, spreadsheets, presentations, and others. This made it a pioneer in this field as well, along with Hi-Tech and other leading companies in Qatar, after its partnership with ICDL with an approved agreement aimed at developing the skills of its students and teaching staff with endless possibilities in the field of computers.

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