Aspire Zone: Influential Imprint in Organizing the World Cup

  • Publish date: Monday، 31 October 2022
Aspire Zone: Influential Imprint in Organizing the World Cup

Aspire Zone Foundation has succeeded in leaving a strong imprint as one of the icons of Qatari sports, and one of the reasons for the expected success in hosting and organizing the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, through its three facilities / Aspire Academy, Aspetar Hospital, and Aspire Logistics /.

The story of the link between Aspire Zone and the World Cup begins with Aspire Logistics, which is a single place to meet all requirements for events, facilities management, sports facilities, and corporate services management.

Since 2019, Aspire Logistics has been managing all sports stadiums, training sites, and stadiums, operating and providing high-quality sports facilities services in Qatar. It is also responsible for managing all eight World Cup stadiums and other sports sites used for the tournament.

Its work includes providing routine and preventive maintenance services, corrective maintenance, process improvement, electromechanical system monitoring, and air conditioning systems using UNISTAD technology applied at Aspire Central Command Center, as well as Aspire Sports Turf Company, which is responsible for turf service for all World Cup stadiums and training stadiums.

In addition, the Aspire Central Command and Control Center has been established, a facility management and stadium operations center, connected to all 8 World Cup stadiums.

The center provides the ability to remotely monitor, manage and control all operational aspects of the stadium through the unified stadium platform (UNISTAD), and provide technological infrastructure services for all facilities using a unique technology in a new electronic server called "Sports in a Box".

All World Cup stadiums are equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi and 4G and 5G connectivity, which will provide fans with an unprecedented connection to the Internet during the tournament.

As for Aspetar Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Hospital, it was part of the tournament’s organizing file, and Aspetar’s accumulated experience providing medical coverage for many international sporting events, as well as attending previous World Cup tournaments, made the medical staff at Aspetar ready for the World Cup.

Some of Aspetar's qualified doctors were assigned to work as medical directors in a number of World Cup stadiums.

During the tournament, Aspetar will provide service to 10 participating teams who have limited medical support, enabling them to use additional medical staff from Aspetar to work directly with their teams.

In the same context, Aspire Academy received referees from Asia, Africa, and Oceania, who are scheduled to referee the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 matches.

Since Qatar won the honor of hosting the World Cup, Aspire Academy has received a number of officials, dignitaries, and media to tour its facilities, These tours shed light on the academy's role in hosting the World Cup and its contribution to the development of the Qatar national team.

It is worth noting that the Qatar national team, the Australian national team, and the Ghana national team, will use the training facilities at Aspire Academy during the World Cup, which are designed to accommodate sports teams and camps.

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