Al Shafallah Center and Al Rayyan Municipality Sign Memorandum

Al Shafallah Center And Al Rayyan Municipality Sign a Joint Memorandum of Understanding to Serve People with Disabilities

  • Publish date: Thursday، 25 August 2022
Al Shafallah Center and Al Rayyan Municipality Sign Memorandum

The Shafallah Center for People with Disabilities, one of the centers of the Qatar Foundation for Social Work that operates under the umbrella of the Ministry of Social Development and Family, and Al Rayyan today Municipality signed a joint memorandum between them to serve people with disabilities.

This step comes from the main role of enhancing recognition of the role of people with disabilities and their contributions to social, economic, and cultural development, empowering them and supporting their active participation in all fields, in addition to spreading societal awareness of their basic rights and issues, and working to achieve communication and inclusion in society.

By signing a memorandum, the two parties seek to support cooperation and achieve common goals between them for the benefit of the beneficiary groups, especially those with disabilities and their caregivers, and to provide them with appropriate care in the best possible way, and other related common goals.

On this occasion, Laale'a Muhammad Abu Alfain, Executive Director of the Shafallah Center, said that the center attaches great importance to building partnerships and strengthening cooperation with all parties in the country, with the benefit of the target groups, and in turn expanding the scope of its services and objectives for an important segment of society, which is the segment of persons with disabilities, considering that this memorandum is a continuation of previous cooperation and partnerships that resulted in community initiatives targeting persons with disabilities.

She explained that the most important items contained in the memorandum, were the cooperation between the two parties in promoting and implementing various activities and events, in addition to unifying efforts between Al Shafallah and Al Rayyan Municipality to make the areas affiliated with this municipality friendly cities for people with disabilities, noting the joint cooperation between the two sides in the field of electronic network and communication sites, In addition to distributing awareness-raising publications, brochures, and brochures, in addition to launching awareness and educational campaigns for persons with disabilities.

For his part, Jaber Hassan Al-Jaber, Director of Al-Rayyan Municipality, considered signing this memorandum an embodiment of the keenness of the Ministry of Municipality to support its cooperation with all sectors of society, whether governmental or private, to provide civilized services based on the pillars of Qatar Vision 2030, which includes one of its main pillars of social development. The importance of developing the population of the State of Qatar in order to build a prosperous society.

Al-Jaber also stressed, on this occasion, the great attention paid by the Ministry of Municipality, represented by all its sectors, municipalities, and departments, to persons with disabilities and the elderly category, by providing all services and aspects of care necessary for them, pointing out that places have been allocated in the municipal customer service offices to receive These categories, and help them finish their requests and transactions with ease, as well as the constant endeavor to qualify and train customer service staff to provide the best services for people with disabilities.

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