Qatar Camel Mazayen Club Releases "Mazayen" App

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 28 December 2022
Qatar Camel Mazayen Club Releases "Mazayen" App

The Qatar Camel Mazayen Club of the Ministry of Sports and Youth debuted the "Mazayen" App and started an electronic connection to the platform of the Ministry of Municipality. The launch is part of ongoing coordination and cooperation between the Ministry of Municipality and the Ministry of Sports and Youth.

The Mazayen App intends to automate all services associated to local and foreign camel owners and to align the growth of these traditional sports with the significant expansion in the nation's sports industry.

Hamad Jaber Al Athba, president of the Qatar Camel Mazayen Club, stated that the club's vision for the launch of the application was to develop all procedures associated with this well-liked sport, to keep up with the general development in the sports sector, and to improve the quality of services offered to owners and camel breeders.

Al Athba explained the concept of electronic linkage during a press conference. He said it was intended to develop procedures and transition from paper-based transactions to digital services in keeping with the nation's plans to streamline processes and digitize public services.

The application was tested during the Mazayen festival 2022, which was hosted by the club in conjunction with activities related to the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, in order to develop it and best solve its flaws, he noted.

According to Qatar Camel Mazayen Club Director of Technical Affairs Ali Sultan Al Hamidi, connecting the app to the electronic service of the Ministry of Municipality will simplify procedures for owners, including camel registration, submitting requests for issuing entry and exit permits for camels, obtaining approvals and issuing health certificates, and issuing permits and printing them. He also emphasized the importance of the linkage service in the governance of procedures in accordance with the law.

Hussein Al Yahri, the deputy director of the Ministry of Municipality's Animal Wealth Division, stated that the linking service will improve the verification of the accuracy of camel data, its conformity with the most recent owners' database at the Qatar Camel Mazayen Club, as well as its conformity with the requirements and procedures of the Ministry of Municipality.

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