Poetry And Drawing Competitions in Qatar

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 07 June 2022
Poetry And Drawing Competitions in Qatar

Every year in Qatar, poetry and drawing competitions are held in specific centers, Where the person who want to participate submits an application for participation these centers, then enough time is given to the applicant until he completes his work perfectly.

These competitions are considered as encouragement from the Ministry of Culture to pay attention to the linguistic and rhetorical aspects, in addition to developing the talent of drawing among many, in addition to distributing prizes to the winners, whether material or moral prizes, in a wonderful atmosphere of enthusiasm, and in the presence of parents and the team of the center

There are many centers that launch poetry and drawing competitions in Qatar, including the following:

The Cultural Center

The Cultural Center occupies the first place in terms of interest in this type of competition, where the terms and time of submitting the application for participation and the required papers are announced through a paper advertisement pasted to the advertisement schedule inside the center, in addition to electronic publishing via social networking sites.

Qatar Poetry Center

Each year, on the occasion of the International Poetry Day, which falls on March 21, Qatar Poetry Center holds a competition and prizes under the title “Diwan of Poetry”.

This center contributes to the advancement of the literary field, with regard to poetry, its research and methods, and its dissemination in free creative space, taking into account the standards of the literary heritage of Qatari society in particular and its cultural depth, providing the appropriate atmosphere for the Qatari poet and helping him to employ his abilities and potentials in the right place.

Universities Poet Competition

It is held every year according to a specific time to be announced, in agreement with the Qatar Poetry Center.

The student, Taher Mukhtar Hassan, won first place in the Eloquent Poetry Competition in the latest edition of the Universities Poet Competition

Protection and Social Rehabilitation Center

Under the auspices of the Qatar Foundation for Social Work, this center launched several competitions, the last of which was the "Aman" competition. Many children participated in the competition, and there were clear conditions not to write the child's name or signature on the painting he drew.

Qatari Writers Forum Center

It is located in the Dafna area, and the center is one of the most important sections of the cultural center in Qatar due to its interest in poetry and writing, the center organizes competitions periodically, in cooperation with the Cultural Center in Qatar.

The Qatari Writers forum Center is open on all days of the week except Friday and Saturday, from eight in the morning until one in the afternoon.

Visual Arts Center

This center is located in Doha, and it is one of the centers interested in drawing and attracting the visitor with visual art that fascinates the eyes, to the extent that the visitor imagines that the drawing is a real picture.

This center launches drawing competitions in cooperation with the Cultural Center. The center opens its doors on all days of the week except Friday and Saturday, from 8 in the morning until 12 in the afternoon.