Is It Allowed to Bring Your Family While You're Working in Qatar?

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 03 May 2022
Is It Allowed to Bring Your Family While You're Working in Qatar?
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You've been offered a job in Qatar and want to bring your family with you. However, you have no idea where to begin.

Take it easy on yourself. This article explains how you can sponsor your family to move to Qatar. Read the Employee's Handbook of the National Human Rights Committee (NHRC) and the Qatar Labour Law for more information.

Is it allowed for you to bring your family and live with you in Qatar?

Following the acquisition of a Residency Permit (RP), you can apply for your family members to join you in Qatar on your funding:

  • spouse
  • children under the age of eighteen
  • children who are male (who did not finish their college up to 25 years)
  • daughters who have never married

What are the requirements?

If you have suitable accommodation and sufficient earnings to support them throughout their time in Qatar (minimum wages decided by the Permanent Immigration Committee at the Ministry of Labor).

A working woman can petition the interior minister to bring her spouse with her; the minister may grant her request if he believes it is justified.

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To whom should I submit an application to bring my family?

The Permanent Committee for Immigration Affairs in the Ministry of Administrative Labor & Social Affairs must receive an application (MADLSA).

Your request must include the following information:

  • Your employer's wage certificate stating the amount you are received.
  • Documents proving that you are residing in a suitable location
  • Your certificate of marriage
  • Your minor children's birth certificates
  • Account statement from the bank to which your salary is deposited.

NOTE: To determine the merit of your request, a special committee will review your application.

On the Hukoomi portal, you can also apply for a family visa.

Is it necessary for your wife to transfer her sponsorship if she starts working after she joins you in Qatar?

A foreign woman who comes to dwell with her spouse and begins working soon after arriving here is sponsored by her husband.

If the marriage terminates for whatever reason, any family member may transfer to another applicant with the agreement of the competent authorities, in line with the regulations issued by the Minister in a decision.

Is it possible for you to sponsor your parents?

This is accomplished by the interior minister or his deputy providing you permission to keep your parents with you if it is justified.

Is it possible for any of your parents or family members to visit you in Qatar, and what is the procedure?

You can apply for a visit visa for them by submitting a request to the general department of passports and immigration affairs. After paying costs, they are only allowed to stay in Qatar for a maximum of six months.

Having an RP permits you to sponsor members of your immediate family (spouse, sons, daughters) to join you in Qatar and live there (see Family Residence Visa below). This will be one of the conditions for bringing your vehicle.

Permission for your family to stay is granted through a family residence visa.

Expatriates can sponsor members of their immediate family. Every member of the family, such as infants, requires a separate Family Residence Visa. The Visa can be acquired for a duration of one to five years and is stamped in the passport of every family member.

Applicants must present a set of documents, including certified marriage and birth certificates, a no-objection letter from their employment, and a salary certificate.

Can the expat's family members apply for residency?

Article 16

The spouse of the resident holder, male children under the age of twenty-five who have not completed their university degree, and unmarried daughters are all available for residence permits.

The Minister or his chosen deputy may give residence permits to the permit holder's parents at his or her discretion.

The ministerial resolution shall identify the requirements for issuing residence permits, subject to the terms of the two preceding paragraphs.

What are the residency requirements for children of expats?

Article 17

In the case of a child born to an expatriate whose family has secured residence permits, a residence permit may be requested for within (60) sixty days of the date of birth or the date of entry into the nation.

If a kid was born from outside the country and one or both parents hold a valid residence permit, the child may enter the country within two (2) years after birth.