Qatar Work Visa | Types, Requirements, Process & Benefits

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 12 September 2023
Qatar Work Visa | Types, Requirements, Process & Benefits

While you've likely already heard of the Hayya card, which is a personalized identification document issued by Qatar to visitors who apply for an entry permit through the Hayya portal, the work visa is a legal document that allows foreign individuals to work and reside in Qatar, which is the dream of many thanks to the country's thriving economy, low taxes and operating costs, and well-known shopping areas. 

If you are thinking about working in Qatar or if you have just accepted a job offer in the Gulf country, we are showing you the essentials of applying for a job and working in Qatar. 

If you don't know how to get a work visa in Qatar or what type of visa your employees will need, this article is for you.

What are the types of work visas in Qatar?

Business visa: There are two types of business visas being issued in Qatar:

a) 72-hour business visa: This is a short-term visa for quick business visits like meetings and conferences. It is issued on arrival and can be extended for another 72 hours. 

b) 30- or 90-day business visa: This visa is valid for 30 or 90 days and is mainly used by people working on short-term projects. The 30-day visa can be extended for another 60 days, while the 90-day visa can be extended for up to nine months in some cases. 

Work visa: A work visa, also known as an employment visa, is generally valid for one to five years. 

Before an application for a work permit is submitted, a medical certificate must be obtained indicating the health of the employee. The employee must take a medical test at a government-approved hospital first then an application for a work visa can be applied for.

Qatar Work Visa | Types, Requirements, Process & Benefits

What are the requirements to obtain Qatar work visas?

To obtain a Qatar work visa, the employees need to have a work permit and residence permit. Here are the required documents for applying for a work permit:

  • the employment contract
  • a duly completed application form from the Ministry of Labour
  • a medical certificate proving that the employee is in good health
  • a copy of the employee's passport
  • two passport photographs
  • any relevant educational certificates
  • the immigration card of the employer
  • the employment visa
  • biometrics data, including fingerprints

And here are the documents that employees must provide to get a residence permit:

  • A valid passport
  • Two passport photographs of the employee
  • The employment visa
  • A copy of the company’s Commercial Registration
  • A copy of the business’s immigration card
  • The employee's medical certificate

Qatar Work Visa | Types, Requirements, Process & Benefits

Application process

Qatar has a relatively complex process for hiring foreign employees. To begin the process, employers need to register with the Immigration Department within the Ministry of Interior by providing several documents, including a copy of their trade license. Upon approval, employers will be granted an Immigration Card and a Representative Card.

Next, the company must apply for a block of work permits for all of the expatriates it intends to employ. Employers need to complete the application in Arabic, and they also need to disclose the worker’s job position and nationality. Approval will be granted by the Ministry of Labour.

Upon the approval of the work permits, employers must apply for employment visas for each foreign worker. The necessary documents for each employee must be submitted to the Ministry of Labour.

Qatar Work Visa | Types, Requirements, Process & Benefits

What is Qatar work visa processing time?

Qatar typically issues all work residency permit applications in about two to four weeks, yet it sometimes takes longer than that, depending on the employer's company and the country of the employee's nationality.

What are the benefits of having a Qatar work visa?

  • Access to many services, such as further permits and license applications
  • Ability to sign a rental accommodation agreement
  • Loan application
  • Ability to sponsor their family members to join them living in Qatar