PHCC App Allows Making Appointments for Various Clinics

  • Publish date: Saturday، 23 July 2022
PHCC App Allows Making Appointments for Various Clinics

Patients can now request new or changed appointments for a number of clinics through the bilingual mobile application "Nar'aakom" from Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC), which offers full services to patients.

For patients or their families, PHCC has said that appointments for well-baby, COVID-19 vaccine, family physician, smoking cessation, student health assessment, dietetics, and medical commission clinics at approved health centers may be arranged or rescheduled.

With the e-service, you can choose from a list of clinics that accept direct bookings to request new appointments for you and your dependents. You can also change the date of your next appointment, the PHCC stated on its social media pages.

A confirmation SMS with a reference number will be sent to the patient after they have chosen their appointment from one of three preferred days and times. The Health Center's front desk personnel will examine and verify the submitted request before calling the patient to confirm the appointment's time and date. Following confirmation, they make the appointment using the system, and the patient gets an SMS to confirm the appointment.

By making health care services readily available via smartphones, PHCC has made it simple for Qataris to access digitized services for its 28 health centers.

In order to support no-/minimal-contact care delivery during COVD-19, PHCC has accelerated its digital transformation by implementing virtual consultations over the phone and video, setting up a 24x7 Community Call Center, and building an electronically dispensed medication facility that offers home delivery service.

The brand-new mobile app, Nar'aakom, offers full-service management, including monitoring health card expiration dates, online renewal, access to the designated health center, and locating your allocated family doctor. Additionally, Nar'aakom permits family doctors at the registered health center to be changed as necessary.

The Nar'aakom app is accessible in Qatar via both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for iPhones and Android smartphones.

A survey designed to gather information regarding patient experiences with PHCC and online services has also been launched by Nara'akom App.

More than 2,150,587 people are registered with PHCC. 28 health clinics are served by more than 4000 clinicians. The PHCC offers about 85 services and, as of 2021, has an average of more than 10,000 daily patient visits. In 2021, 2,475,235 patient visits were for family medicine, 289,086 were for dental treatment, 138,727 were for specialty clinics, and 81,500 were for urgent care.

What electronic services does the Nar'aakom app offer?

  • Request a Health Card

  • Schedule dependent requests in addition

  • Alternate Family Doctor
  • Center for Health Change
  • Renew Health Card

What languages does the app support?

There are two languages that it is currently available; English and Arabic. When you first use the program, you can change the language by selecting the top-left button, or after logging in, by selecting your Account.

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