World Cup 2022 Closing Ceremony: Time, Date, Artists, Tickets, Stadium

  • Publish date: Monday، 14 November 2022 Last update: Tuesday، 15 November 2022
World Cup 2022 Opening Ceremony: Time, Date, Artists, Tickets, Stadium

The largest football tournament in the world is about to begin in Qatar, and excitement levels are at an all-time high. Players, coaches, and fans around the world are counting down to the World Cup 2022 both the opening and closing ceremonies in anticipation of the tournament in Qatar.

Which stadium will host the FIFA World Cup 2022 closing ceremony?

World Cup 2022 Closing Ceremony: Time, Date, Artists, Tickets, Stadium

The tournament's closing ceremony will take place at Lusail National Stadium. It is the largest football stadium in Qatar and has a capacity of 80,000. Ten games will be held there throughout the competition. The Lusail Stadium also has all the necessary components to become an iconic stadium.

The stadium would serve as the center of the brand-new Lusail City, which was developed to host the occasion and boost the nation's tourism industry. The Qatari government plans to turn the site into a community center after the competition in order to further immortalize the 2022 National Day of Qatar and the first World Cup to be held in the Middle East.

FIFA World Cup 2022 closing ceremony date and time

The final will take place at the Lusail Stadium in Doha on Sunday, December 18, which is precisely one week before Christmas. Qatar's Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy (SC) will remove the bulk of the stadium's 8,000 seats and donate them to different foreign sporting enterprises.

Fans will find the event in Qatar to be well worth the extra expense, even if tickets will cost more than normal (estimated between €150 and €1,500). Unfortunately, it is yet unclear what the host country has planned on that particular day. Nevertheless, as was previously mentioned, Qatar's national day, December 18, is when the majority of the festivities take place. A fireworks display, a display by the Qatari Air Force and its fleet of aircraft, parades by the several parastatals in charge of Qatar's everyday operations, and a car show are all traditional activities marking the country's national day.

The host country will have a celebration on the day of the championship game to celebrate as the first Middle Eastern nation to host the event. The FIFA+ app will allow users to watch the event live streaming throughout the world.

Artists performing at the FIFA World Cup closing ceremony

World Cup 2022 Closing Ceremony: Time, Date, Artists, Tickets, Stadium

Nora Fatehi, an actress, model, singer, and dancer will make her FIFA tournament debut as an Indian star. The Moroccan Canadian singer Shakira will appear in a music video for the FIFA World Cup with Jennifer Lopez.

For the 2022 closing ceremony, singer Fatehi will perform a Hindi song on stage. RedOne, the song's producer, has previously worked with Shakira on her songs La La La and Waka Waka, two FIFA anthems.

The video received over 20 million views on YouTube in the first 24 hours of its release, making it the first Hindi song to do so in India. Additionally, Fatehi collaborated with the Moroccan group Fnaire to produce an Arabic song version.

FIFA World Cup 2022 closing ceremony tickets

Tickets for the FIFA World Cup 2022 were available to purchase online on January 22. A second phase was started and operates identically. It begins after the championship round drawings on April 1. The third and last phase, which starts as soon as the event starts and lasts until all tickets have been sold, is the last-minute ticket sales.

Most performers at the World Cup closing ceremony will also appear on the last day. Let's enjoy the first world cup to be held in the Middle East, which is the most-watched sporting event and the biggest international football competition ever.

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