Khalifa International Stadium: The Oldest of World Cup Stadiums

  • Publish date: Friday، 08 April 2022
Khalifa International Stadium: The Oldest of World Cup Stadiums

Khalifa International Stadium is the oldest of the 2022 World Cup Qatar 2022 stadiums.

Khalifa International Stadium was established in 1976 in the Al Rayyan area, and since that date, it has been the beating heart of the sporting events taking place in Qatar, and it still has a lot and is new in the future. This 40,000 seat stadium has hosted many notable events during its long history, such as the Asian Games, the Arabian Gulf Cup, and the AFC Asian Cup, among others. The stadium has deserved to be, over the years, the sporting destination for which the Middle East region is known, and a symbol of excellence in this field in all its forms. The people of Qatar and the region consider Khalifa International Stadium an old friend, and a familiar face in which all aspects of society meet.

Khalifa International Stadium: The Oldest of World Cup Stadiums

Looking at the locations of the 2022 championship stadiums, Khalifa International Stadium takes a central position in their midst, so the stadium will play a pivotal role in the success of the tournament, which will benefit from the distinguished geographical nature, and advanced transportation systems to be the best global football tournament in terms of linking its facilities at all.

Khalifa International Stadium is considered a veteran player in its region. It started with the establishment of the place and continued to reap achievements until the past years witnessed remarkable growth around it with the establishment of Aspire Zone and its development to be a global center for sports excellence. In this sports complex, the next generations of Qatari talents will be developed through the Aspire Academy, and in close proximity to Aspetar Hospital, which is one of the world's leading hospitals in the fields of orthopedics and sports medicine, and the largest indoor multi-sport facility in the world.

Khalifa International Stadium and the facilities and facilities adjacent to it create a fabric that bears the characteristics of unlimited ambition and the desire to achieve global development through sports innovation. The ideas and technologies formed in Aspire Zone have begun to change the face of sports and people’s lives for the better.

Khalifa International Stadium: The Oldest of World Cup Stadiums

The stadium now appears in a very modern look after completing the changes it underwent, and its ceiling is surmounted by two arches that represent continuity and symbolize the embrace of fans from all over the world. The stands inside the stadium are protected from various weather conditions by a canopy that wraps the sides of the stadium, in addition to advanced cooling technologies that control the temperatures more.

The stadium is connected through a short pedestrian walkway to the 3-2-1 Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum, showing how attached this place is to its past and cherishing it during its journey towards building a bright future.

In May 2017, the State of Qatar celebrated the reopening of the stadium, the most precious to its people, during a spectacular inauguration ceremony that preceded the hosting of the Emir's Cup final. The stadium hosted a number of tournaments in preparation for the FIFA World Cup 2022, including the Arabian Gulf Cup and the 2019 World Athletics Championships.

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