FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Profits May Reach $6 Billion

Nasser Al Khater, the CEO of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, stated that FIFA believes the tournament's earnings might top $6 billion.

  • Publish date: Friday، 26 August 2022
FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Profits May Reach $6 Billion

Al Khater stated to Qatar News Agency (QNA) during a live Twitter broadcast that the decision to move the World Cup's first match between Qatar and Ecuador was made with the support of the relevant authorities and was authorized by the FIFA Council.

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Profits May Reach $6 Billion

He continued by saying that shifting the game from Monday to Sunday was warmly received by both the carriers and advertisers. He emphasized that since it would be the only match that day, it would have greater momentum and a greater chance of drawing large crowds.

The World Cup CEO addressed some of the rumors regarding expensive lodging during the tournament, noting that some hotel rooms are going for, at most, $80 per night while more opulent options are going for $5478 per night. The CEO emphasized that there were options at every price point.

He noted that in addition to hotel rooms and flats, there are also villas, hotel apartments, and camping sites available and that prices are routinely adjusted in light of the newly available supply of hotel rooms and apartments.

He stated that there is a high demand for tickets, which astonished FIFA officials. The most popular match, according to him, was Saudi Arabia vs. Argentina, followed by Mexico vs. Argentina. Both tickets have already sold out.

Al Khater also greeted visitors from the GCC in Qatar. Given that it is the first World Cup to be staged in the Arab world, he claimed that their attendance will benefit the tournament.

Al Khater emphasized that despite the tournament taking place in November and December, the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy was optimistic that demand for and sales of tickets will be quite strong.

974 Stadium is one of the most distinctive, he continued. Considering that the country has tourism ambitions for this area that would be published at a later time, he continued, it was going to be disassembled despite its lovely location facing the Gulf.

He emphasized that while criticism of the World Cup in Qatar will not go away, it has recently become more moderate as a result of the country's tremendous efforts. He also stated that once fans from around the world begin attending matches, the criticism will stop.

He stated that the Ministry of Public Health has created a COVID-19 plan for admission to Qatar in regard to safety precautions during the World Cup. As the illness moves into an endemic stage, he expressed his hope that the tournament will proceed normally.

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