Dubai Gets Ready for World Cup in Qatar with New Football-Themed Hotel

  • Publish date: Friday، 22 July 2022
Dubai Gets Ready for World Cup in Qatar with New Football-Themed Hotel

The hotel has 533 rooms and a sports bar for guests who want to watch the competition.

UAE's The National News announced on Wednesday that Dubai will debut its first-ever football-themed hotel in early November for visitors to the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup.

NH Dubai The Palm is housing spectators who are flying between the Emirates and Doha throughout the competition. It is situated close to some of the nation's top tourist destinations.

According to Sue Holt, executive director of Expat Sport, "There will be foreign fans who are traveling to this region for the first time, so being in a calm environment with other like-minded people in a magnificent location on The Palm should make this an enjoyable and unique trip."

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At least 1.5 million fans are anticipated in Qatar for the World Cup, which is being hosted for the first time in the Middle East. A minimum of 1.8 million World Cup tickets have been sold worldwide to date.

The UAE media outlet added that there has been a significant surge in demand for hotel rooms in Abu Dhabi over the past few weeks. Dubai's NH There are 533 rooms at The Palm, and there is a sports bar there just for tournament fans.

The UAE's Expat Sports tourism agency's Football Fans Dubai Experience is preparing to offer airline packages between the two locations in response to the rise. Transportation to and from NH Dubai is included in the tourist packages. a palm tree.

Holt continued, "This is a totally unique contribution to the Dubai hospitality sector.

Together with FIFA World Cup officials, some packages also contain match tickets for football fans. Discounts on fan zones in and around Dubai are also included in package deals. Expat Sport 150 packages have so far only been purchased in the UK.

To provide our visitors with a special and immersive experience, we are working with the FIFA World Cup official partners, added Holt.

The cost of each hotel package Expat Sport offers is determined by how long the guest will be staying. The price of a four-night stay is $1,290; an eight-night stay is $2,580; and a 12-night stay is $3,870.

For group matches, hospitality packages that include stadium parking, food, and drink start at $950. The most expensive hospitality package, which includes a Pearl Lounge seat for each individual during a group match, costs $4,950.

The pricey package also includes a six-course supper, entertainment, drinks, and a personal concierge. A stadium suite, which includes a private dining experience, costs $22,450 for those who want to have a more opulent experience.

Qatar Airways and other Gulf carriers decided to start shuttle flights on match days between Doha and a number of nearby towns in May. This happened after the GCC carriers signed a new memorandum of understanding (MoU).

This means that football fans in the region won't have to stay in Qatar in order to attend games because daily flights will make transportation simple on game day. To make travel easier, there will also be a no-checked-bags policy.

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