Rain Emergency Teams Still Work in All Municipalities

  • Publish date: Friday، 29 July 2022
Rain Emergency Teams Still Work in All Municipalities

The Ministry of Municipality confirmed its prior readiness to deal with Rainfall by making all the preparations and providing the work teams, equipment, and mechanisms necessary to withdraw bodies of water from various regions of the country on a timely basis and round-the-clock. This was done in the presence of the Joint Rainfall Emergency Committee.

An official source in the committee explained that after the Rainfall was predicted on Thursday (July 28), work teams, vehicles, and necessary equipment were distributed in various areas of all municipalities. They added that bodies of water were immediately dealt with, especially in some areas of the municipalities of Al Wakra and Al Rayyan. This information was based on continuous coordination with the Meteorology Department and following up on its daily bulletins.

Water withdrawal projects are still in progress around-the-clock

The ministry's unified call center's main operations rooms receive public reports about rainwater and transfer them directly to the designated emergency rooms in the municipalities to handle them right away. Additionally, coordination is being made with the security authorities regarding the regulation of traffic to ease the process of withdrawing bodies of water, as well as coordination with the parks departments in the municipalities.

The Joint Rainfall Emergency Committee of the Ministry of Municipalities has recently discussed the preparations, tools, and procedures for handling bodies of rainwater in accordance with the necessary plans to guarantee that those withdrawal operations are carried out as quickly as possible both during and after the rainfall.

The committee also discussed the system for receiving reports in the operations room, which involved taking phone calls via the 24-hour unified call center at the Ministry of Municipality (184) as well as the number (188) of the Public Works Authority.

In addition to mechanical equipment, customer service, the unified call center, the Public Works Authority (Ashghal), the Ministry of Interior, Lekhwiya Force, the Qatar Armed Forces, and QatarEnergy, all relevant authorities in the country are represented in the committee by the directors of services departments in the municipalities.

Qatar will continue to see thundery rain, and the weekend is likely to be cooler

In some areas of Qatar, thundery rain is anticipated to continue over the weekend. Strong winds and poor visibility were also included in the Qatar Meteorology Department's (QMD) weekend weather bulletin.

Also anticipated are low and high temperatures of 28 and 38 degrees Celsius, respectively.

Starting on Friday, the sky will be first hazy before turning partly cloudy. The weekend will also be cloudy, and chances of sporadic rain, both inshore and offshore, are anticipated.

Friday's water levels will fluctuate between 2-4 feet, rising to 5 feet at times inshore, and 3-6 feet, rising to 10 feet offshore. On the other hand, sea levels are predicted to rise to 1-3 feet on Saturday.

Additionally, QMD provided some safety advice for when there is lightning and thunder. These consist of:

- Avoid being in open spaces and immediately seek refuge.

- Avoid highland areas, roofs, trees, and power poles.

- As long as the windows are kept closed, staying inside your automobile is deemed safe.

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