Qatar Media Corporation Celebrates Media Professionals and Innovators

  • Publish date: Thursday، 28 April 2022
Qatar Media Corporation Celebrates Media Professionals and Innovators

Under the patronage of His Excellency Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Thani Al Thani, CEO of Qatar Media Corporation, the Corporation held its Ramadan Ghabga, which witnessed a wide presence of media professionals and employees of the Corporation, in addition to a number of media professionals and personalities, and a group of artists who contributed to presenting valuable artistic programs and series during the holy month, where all the distinguished works were celebrated during the Ghabga in a special festive atmosphere.

His Excellency Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Thani Al Thani, CEO of Qatar Media Corporation, affirmed that Qatar Media Corporation is the great house that brings together media professionals and innovators under its umbrella, praising the efforts made by its channels and radio stations during the holy month of Ramadan, through the programmatic and artistic productions that won the approval of a large number of followers, thanking all the media professionals, journalists, and artists who attended the annual Ghabga.

His Excellency added: “We were pleased today to talk extensively with the Corporation's employees and media cadres, which are fruitful discussions that we are keen to repeat on occasions consecutively throughout the year.

His Excellency praised the successes achieved by Qatar TV and Radio during the programs dedicated to the holy month of Ramadan, where many targeted programs and coverage of events and series were presented, considering that they were appropriate and kept pace with aspirations, and achieved the desired goals.

He toured the studios of the Ramadan Ghabga programs, and was briefed on the progress of work, and "Ghabga", a daily Ramadan evening program that presents interesting and useful paragraphs, with a group of guests known for their expertise in the topics it presents by Hassan Al-Saei, and Saad Burshid, the presenters of the program.

During his tour of the Ghabga program, which deals with local topics related to citizens, the CEO stressed that the topics of discussion should touch on people's aspirations and that television should be the link with viewers inside Qatar, stressing that this is what Qatar Media Corporation seeks.

For his part, Mr. Ali Al-Sada, who is in charge of Qatar TV, stressed that the great support provided by the CEO of Qatar Media Corporation to the work teams in the institution is a great incentive to achieve the best, pointing out that the annual Ghabga gathered all media professionals and participants in the success of Qatar Media Corporation.

He added, "We are happy with the reactions, and we are working to meet all tastes in every program plan, and we bet on Ramadan programs with a lot of work, diligence, and the search for new ones."