Discover Al Shamal Municipality in Qatar

  • Publish date: Thursday، 21 July 2022
Discover Al Shamal Municipality in Qatar

Al Shamal municipality in Qatar is one of the seven municipalities of Qatar, which is of course affiliated with the Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning. This municipality is located in the north of the State of Qatar, and this is the main reason for its name. Note that it includes the cities of "Al Shamal" and "Al Ruwais".

The city of Al-Shamal is the capital of Al-Shamal Municipality, and it is more than 100 kilometers north of Doha. Its borders were drawn in 1988 so that it is bordered by the city of Al-Ruwais to the east, and to the west by Abu Dalouf.

"Al Shamal" Municipality was established by virtue of the law issued in 1972 regarding the establishment of municipalities, issued in the year 5-6-1392 AH, corresponding to 7-17-1972 AD.

The area of the "Al Shamal" municipality and its population

The area of the "Al Shamal" municipality is 859.8 square kilometers, and the population of this municipality is about 8,794 people

Departments of the municipality of "Al Shamal"

The administrative building of the municipality is located in "al shamal" city on the right side of the city road, and it consists of four departments:

North Municipality Public Affairs Department.

Technical Affairs of the North Municipality.

Services affairs.

Municipal oversight.

Departments and units affiliated to the "Al Shamal" municipality

There are several units and sections of this municipality, including the following:

Municipal Manager's Office.

Customers service.

Technical Affairs.

Services affairs.

Municipal oversight.

Municipal public affairs.

Tourist places in the municipality of "Al Shamal"

Al Zubarah Ancient Fort

Discover Al Shamal Municipality in Qatar

Al Zubarah Fort is a Qatari historical military fortress built under the supervision of Abdullah bin Qassim Al Thani in 1938 AD.

He built it to serve as a coast guard station, although some have indicated that it was built to serve as a police station, and was later renovated into a museum to display artworks miscellaneous, especially for contemporary archaeological findings.

Al Zubarah Fort is located in the ancient town of Al Zubarah, which in turn is located on the northwest coast in the Al Shamal Municipality, about 105 kilometers from Doha, the capital of Qatar. Thus, Al Zubarah is the largest archaeological site in the entire Arabian Peninsula.

In 2014, fifteen drawings were found that were engraved on plaster and placed on the walls of ancient buildings at the Al Zubarah site. These drawings were discovered by a team of archaeologists and other participating teams from the University of Copenhagen and the University of Exeter.

Al Ruwais Mosque

Discover Al Shamal Municipality in Qatar

One of the ancient historical and archaeological mosques in the State of Qatar, it is the magnificent architectural masterpiece that adorns the "Al Shamal" municipality.

Al-Ruwais Mosque is located in the municipality of "Al Shamal", and the most important thing that distinguishes it is the great historical and heritage value that it enjoys, and its history dates back to 1915 AD.

The mosque was built in the form of a rectangle and is dedicated to performing the five duties, as the mosque can accommodate approximately 100 worshipers.

The qibla is rectangular, consisting of 3 approximately rectangular corridors.

It is the fifth and new model for the planning of mosques in Qatar, at the beginning of the 14th century AH/20 AD, which depends in its planning on the use of an open courtyard, and a qibla canopy consisting of three arcades.

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