QF's HBKU Press Promotes Arabic Research Internationally

  • Publish date: Monday، 27 March 2023 Last update: Wednesday، 29 March 2023
QF's HBKU Press Promotes Arabic Research Internationally

Qatar Foundation (QF) is promoting Arabic research internationally by publishing research in globally indexed journals on QScience, an online platform that is hosted by Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) Press.

Head of Academic and Journals Publishing at QF publishing house HBKU Press Dr. Rima Isaifan has led the establishment of various bilingual journals and one Arabic-only journal that is the Arabian Journal of Scientific Research (AJSR).

Dr. Isaifan said about her work "we created Arabic academic journals to cater to Arab researchers in the region whose research is published in Arabic in full. HBKU Press then develops the title and abstract into English to have it globally indexed and accessed by anyone around the world... We’re allowing Arab research from the MENA and Gulf region to transcend national boundaries and enhance research impact.”

Dr. Isaifan is also a pioneer in the promotion of the Arabic scientific language. She and her colleagues work towards preserving and developing the Arabic scientific lexicon to sophisticated standards. 

A professor at Damascus University and the former General Director of the Higher Commission for Scientific Research in Syria Dr. Hussain Aziz Saleh has published with HBKU press and has said "The work that HBKU Press is doing in terms of Arabic research and protecting the Arabic scientific lexicon is extremely important, it facilitates the method of scientific communication and cooperation between all scientific and service agencies in the Arab countries.”

Image source: HBKU Press website

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