Emergency and Important Numbers in Qatar

  • Publish date: Sunday، 20 March 2022 Last update: Thursday، 29 September 2022
Emergency and Important Numbers in Qatar

When moving to a new country, it is crucial to have a list of numbers to call for emergencies. In addition, tourists must be aware of the emergency numbers and other important ones they will need during their stay. For people moving to Qatar or visiting it, here is a list of emergency numbers in Qatar and other important numbers that will serve tourists. 

Qatar Emergency and Important Numbers

  • Police, Fire, Ambulance: 999 

  • Emergency services for the deaf: 992 

  • Women and children domestic violence or abuse: 919  

  • Consumer Protection (hotline): 8005000 

  • Reporting Environmental Violations – 998 

Facing Crimes in Qatar 

Although crimes are rare in Qatar, however when facing a such situation, you may call 999. Or use Metrash2 app, launched by the Qatari government, which allows you to report crimes, get information, and contact the police. 

Important Number for Tourists and New Expats in Qatar

  • Kahramaa (Water and Electricity): 991 

  • Traffic & Patrol Police Department: 4890666 

  • Hamad Hospital: 44394444 

  • Hamad International Airport: 40106666 

  • General Post Office: 4464000 

  • Qatar Tourism Authority: 4411555 

  • Qatar Telecom: 44400400  

  • Ministry of Interior: 2366666 

  • General Directorate of Borders, Passport and Expat Affairs: 44890333 

  • Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation: 44845555 

  • Qatar Weather/Meteorology Department: 44557077 

  • Mowasalat Taxi: 44588888 

  • Internet Service – 111 

  • Telephone Directory – 180 

That was it for Emergency and Important Numbers in Qatar. For more topics about Qatar, visit Qatar Moments.  

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