Ministry of Interior Reveals Security Forces Uniform for The World Cup

  • Publish date: Friday، 07 October 2022
Ministry of Interior Reveals Security Forces Uniform for The World Cup

On Sunday, October 2, the plan to deliver the official security uniform for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 began to all the tournament security forces in the competitive and non-competitive stadiums and facilities, which have taken their positions, and are fully prepared, efficient and ready for the most important global event.

Lt. Colonel Fahd Al-Subaie, Head of the Qualification and Training Unit of the Security and Safety Operations Committee of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, confirmed to reporters that the selection of the new uniform for the tournament's security force came after a long period of work that lasted two years, through a formed committee that ended with an exceptional and unprecedented uniform.

He explained that the committee made every effort to come up with an innovative outfit that would be close to the audience sense, and preserve the security character, pointing out that the matter also included the mechanisms, vehicles, and motorcycles that will be used during the tournament.

He pointed out that many experiments were conducted for the fabrics to be comfortable for security men and suitable for the climatic conditions during the World Cup, noting the keenness of the committee formed for this matter to prepare a special uniform for the security force of the tournament.

Lt. Col. Al-Subaie expressed his hope that the new uniform would obtain intellectual property, to become known to all countries of the world, as it is related to the police of the State of Qatar.

Regarding the color of the uniform, Lieutenant Colonel Al-Subaie explained that its colors were inspired by the colors of the police uniform, which are red and blue, where the red color indicates the strength of attention, and the blue color indicates tranquility.

He said: It is possible to take advantage of the new uniform, and to adopt it in all upcoming events and tournaments after the World Cup, stressing that there will be intensive promotional campaigns so that the public can know it.

He stressed that the security forces of the tournament are fully prepared, ready, and efficiently, and have already begun to take their positions in the facilities, noting that the delivery of the championship uniform was very early, and this is an indication of the readiness of all forces for the global event.

He said that there are several types of security uniforms for the World Cup tournament, the general security uniform for the security forces tournament, is worn by the security forces in competitive facilities, whether they are sports stadiums, training fields, or stadiums, and non-competitive facilities.

And the security uniform for supervisors in the VIP areas, the traffic uniform, the motorcycle uniform, the security uniform for the security men on the stadium grounds, the security uniform for protecting teams and teams while on the move, and a security uniform for the detection of explosives.

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