Street Child World Cup Doha 2022 Held in an Enthusiastic Atmosphere

  • Publish date: Thursday، 20 October 2022
Street Child World Cup Doha 2022 Held in an Enthusiastic Atmosphere

On Saturday, October 15, the fourth edition of the Street Child World Cup "Doha 2022", which was held in partnership with the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science, and Community Development, concluded on the Oxygen Park playgrounds in Education City, which witnessed the participation of 28 teams from 25 countries around the world.

The Egyptian team won the Boys Championship after defeating Pakistan in the final match (4/3) on penalties, after a 0-0 draw in the original time.

Egypt had reached the final after eliminating Burundi in the semi-finals by penalty shootout (4/3) after a goalless draw in the original time.

In the girls' championship, the Brazilian team won the title after defeating Colombia in the final by four goals to nil

The Brazilian team had qualified for the final after overcoming the Philippines team in the semi-finals in extra time (3/1) after a 0-0 draw in the original time.

While Colombia reached the final match at the expense of the Bolivia team, winning it 3-0.

The conclusion ceremony witnessed a large crowd of different nationalities, and the enthusiasm reached its peak in cheering and cheering for the winning teams.

All attendees praised the tournament and its atmosphere and praised the organizational capabilities of the State of Qatar, in preparation for hosting the most important global event, starting from November 20.

And participated in the World Cup for Children "Doha 2022", 15 teams of boys and 13 teams of girls, including ten teams of refugees or displaced children, where the teams were divided into five groups, including two groups for females and three groups for males.

John Wroe, Co-Founder and CEO of Street Child United, the organizer of the FIFA World Cup for Children "Doha 2022", expressed his happiness with the positive and enthusiastic atmosphere witnessed in the tournament, congratulating Egypt and Brazil after winning the boys' and girls' titles for this tournament.

And Rowe said in an exclusive statement to Qatar News Agency (QNA): "During the World Cup for Children, "Doha 2022", we were keen to pay attention to many aspects and send messages of support to these community groups, while Qatar Foundation was keen, in turn, to enhance children's participation through this championship".

He pointed out that the tournament brought together young people from all over the world who went through harsh life conditions but overcame them and became leaders in their societies, noting that this football event was evidence of the power of football as well as a channel that allows the delivery of a set of messages to the rest of the world that children have rights, they must get it.

The Street Child World Cup Doha 2022 reflects the role of sport as a tool to bring about positive change and raise the voice of young people, regardless of their age, culture, and nationality. It also aims to shed light on the challenges faced by children from humble societies, and the basic rights that they lack

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