The FIFA Children's World Cup "Doha 2022" to Start Next Month

  • Publish date: Monday، 12 September 2022
The FIFA Children's World Cup "Doha 2022" to Start Next Month

Next month, the fourth edition of the FIFA Children's World Cup (Doha 2022), in partnership with the Qatar Foundation, will kick off.

The tournament, in which 28 teams from 25 countries around the world will participate, will be held in Qatar Foundation Education City from October 8 to 15 and will include 15 teams of boys and 13 teams of girls, including ten teams of refugee or displaced children.

These teams, which include children from all over the world who did not have access to education participate in the tournament that carries with it a call for change by harnessing the power of sport to bring about positive change.

This tournament will include an arts festival, a conference to advocate for children's rights, and support for young people who face harsh social conditions.

The FIFA World Cup for Children (Doha 2022) will be organized in a simulation of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, where an official draw will be held on October 8 to divide the teams into groups, and the competitions between the group teams will start on Tuesday, October 11, to reach the finals on Saturday 15 October, and the competition will be held in the Oxygen Park in Education City, which will open its doors to the public to attend the matches and support the participating teams.

The following teams will participate in the tournament: Bangladesh, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Burundi, Colombia, Egypt, England, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Mauritius, Mexico, Nepal, Palestine, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Sudan, Syrian Forum, Tanzania, Uganda, USA, Zimbabwe, and host Qatar.

In addition to football, the teams will participate in an art program, where Qatari artist Mariam Faraj Al-Suwaidi will work with children to strengthen their concept of identity and to help them develop multi-layered self-portraits through collage art and painting workshops, The art pieces will also be shown in an exhibition hosted by the Cultural Village Foundation (Katara) on Friday, October 14, along with the works of other artists joining this tournament.

John Rowe, co-founder and CEO of Street Child United, the organizer of the FIFA World Cup for Children, a UK-based charity that uses the power of sport to change the negative way the world sees and treats young people who have had no access to education, said: “Organizing the World Cup for Children aims to give them a platform to have their voices heard and enhance their opportunities to establish themselves in society.”

Rowe added: "As the world's eyes turn to Qatar ahead of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, we can highlight the power of football to bring about change for the social good and contribute to education and awareness of the conditions of these children.

for her part, Beatrice Garcia, Director of Arts at Street Child United, said: “The Children's World Cup is an opportunity for true cultural exchange whether through football, dance, drawing, or the spoken word.

Art helps facilitate the communication of concepts for children, especially in terms of their self-definition, this enhances their sense of self in society".