Qatari Artists You Need to Know About

  • Publish date: Thursday، 25 August 2022
Qatari Artists You Need to Know About
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Undoubtedly, Doha is a booming center for the arts, with some of the top museums and galleries in the Middle East.

It should come as no surprise that Qatar has aided or created several amazing artists, therefore we decided it was time to highlight some of the best and brightest.

You should read on to learn about these Qatar-based, Qatar-born, or Qatari artists.

Bouthayna Al Muftah

Qatari Artists You Need to Know About

The National Museum of Qatar is without a doubt one of the top museums in the area and a must-see for both tourists and locals. You probably already know the work of Qatari visual artist Bouthayna Al Muftah if you've been here. Her work Kan Ya Ma Kaan (Once Upon a Time), which examines the idea of a place and time while drawing inspiration from conventional Qatari jewelry, is on permanent display at the NMOQ. Al Muftah has been captivated by her country's cultural legacy since she graduated from the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Arts in Qatar, with an emphasis on daily life in Qatar's historic districts and the people who shaped them.

Her most recent collaboration with the La Cité Internationale de la Tapisserie in Aubusson was to create a tapestry to commemorate the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Qatar and France. Al Muftah's artistic practice focuses on printmaking, typography, and documentation. The traditional Qatari ballad "Toub Toub Ya Bahar!"—roughly translated as "ocean waters, repent!"—was chanted by ladies waiting by the seaside for the return of their husbands, sons, or brothers who were out pearl diving—was the inspiration for the contemporary piece.

Hadeer Omar

Qatari Artists You Need to Know About

Egyptian new media artist Hadeer Omar, a previous participant in the Fire Station's Artist in Residence program, uses immersive media, graphics, photography, and video art installations to examine cultural identity and memories, the self, and narratives. In Doha, we're built on communities that are very distinct from each other, yet with our very own standards, she said of working in Qatar. When it comes to what I want to talk about and even how I present my identity, working in Qatar has given me more freedom. We are pioneers in the art scene here, which is rapidly developing since we combine experiences in all we do.

Haytham Sharrouf

Qatari Artists You Need to Know About

Haytham Sharrouf, a different Fire Station AIR alumnus who was born in Venezuela and reared in Lebanon, works as both an interior architect and a graphic designer. "I came to Doha because of the Fire Station Artist in Residence program," he remarked in reference to his time as an AIR. Doha motivated me to start a brand-new multidisciplinary body of work in which I attempt to capture the innermost spirits of individuals, buildings, and the city itself. Doha is enough for me.

You may currently see Sharrouf's experimental work by visiting the Doha Dreams pop-up at M7. Creatives in Qatar visited Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams for the exhibition, which is a part of the Zwara initiative and created their own designs. The Butterfly: Cocoon of Life, a skirt and a headpiece designed by Sharrouf for Doha Dreams depict butterflies being drawn to the blooming paradise of Dior.

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