Qatari Artist Rashid Al-Kuwari Hosts Anime Drawing Workshop

  • Publish date: Thursday، 09 June 2022
Qatari Artist Rashid Al-Kuwari Hosts Anime Drawing Workshop

On June 16, prospective cartoonists and animators will have the chance to attend Rashid al- Kuwari's Anime Drawing Workshop at Katara Cultural Village.

In Japan, anime is just an abbreviation meaning "animation." Outside of Japan, anime refers to a genre of Japanese animation. The vast bulk of anime characters is adolescents or children. If your children can identify with the main characters, they will be more likely to watch anime. Due to the action/adventure genre, our children, and teens like anime. Anime is about more than just violence and magic. Some anime shows have both slice-of-life and romantic wholesomeness.

In a 2014 interview with Qatar Museums, the animation specialist discussed the use of "humor and cartoons to engage young people in vital problems such as traffic safety in Qatar," among other things. Al-Kuwari participated in several exhibitions around the nation, including the 'In Downtown' exhibition at Sikkat Wadi Msheireb, which he co-curated with Alhosh Gallery.

Anime is popular among teens for a multitude of reasons. Most anime viewers are drawn to their favorite series because they enjoy the characters. They want to sketch them, behave like them, dress up in their costumes, and so on. Their favorite characters are appealing, youthful, and possess desired qualities such as confidence, ambition, and a good attitude.

Workshop "The Basics of the Anime Drawing" will be held at #Katara Art Studios, building 19
By the artist Rashid Al-Kuwari
All details are shown in the attachment #Covid19#Qatar #Roadto2022#your_saftey_is_our_safety pic.twitter.com/hUwvjsHc2j

According to sources, the popularity of animation is growing in Qatar, creating the country's cultural landscape more vibrant. This movement also brought together anime artists and cosplayers.

Every year, the Ajyal Film Festival's Geekdom at Katara, which promotes participants' works and creativity, draws a huge number of artists and cosplayers to Doha. Other anime exhibitions have taken place in previous years, allowing local artists to demonstrate their artistic talents to a wider audience.

This program is available to children aged 12 and above. Participants must utilize an iPad and the Procreate app to participate. 

Date: June 16, 2022 

Time:  5 pm to 8: 30 pm 

Location: Katara Art Studios, Building 19. 

Fee: QAR 250 to be paid online 

The activity is open for 12 years old and above and is set to be held at the Katara Art Studios, building 19 from 5pm to 8.30pm. Participants are required to use an iPad and the Procreate app. The workshop fee of QR 250 should be paid online. https://t.co/gDNCuKj8Zx

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