Unique Offerings to Discover Qatar's Culture and Cuisine at IN-Q

  • Publish date: Sunday، 20 November 2022
Unique Offerings to Discover Qatar's Culture and Cuisine at IN-Q

IN-Q Enterprises (IN-Q) will take part in Qatar's welcoming of the FIFA World Cup and in providing the international sporting and travel communities with hospitality both during and after the FIFA World Cup.

IN-Q is a fully owned subsidiary and the commercial arm of Qatar Museums (QM).

In-Q General Manager Philip Lawrie explained the company's contribution to the state's economy and the preparations for welcoming guests for the eagerly anticipated sports fiesta, which will begin on Sunday.

With the FIFA World Cup just around the corner, Lawrie expressed optimism that Qatar Museums and IN-Q were in for an exciting period. "We are well geared to welcome travelers from across the globe for the FIFA World Cup and thereafter with some of the unique offerings that would enable them to discover Qatar's rich heritage, culture, and cuisine," he said.

"IN-Q has been playing a crucial role by generating money through retail, merchandising, membership, ad sales, ticketing, commercial leasing, outside food and beverage, in-house food and beverage, and manpower contracting, creating value and supporting the creative economy. All of these commercial endeavors support Qatar's creative economy, according to Lawrie.

"The firm has played a crucial role in helping the nation accomplish its "National Vision 2030" objective and diversify away from hydrocarbons. We create merchandise and take great satisfaction in the diversity of the museum collections "Lawrie continued by stating that IN-Q has served as the cornerstone for the growth of Qatar's small and medium-sized businesses.

He remarked that the success story of Wadha Al Hajri, a well-known designer who runs her own store inside our museum, is a fantastic chance to nurture emerging companies and expand SME firms in Qatar.

Visitors will be captivated by the Qatar museum and exhibition, and we will assist them in learning about Qatari culture and customs. We enrich the visitor experience, the commercial economy, and the availability of new revenue sources.

The variety of museums in QM is fantastic. The sports museum is increasing in value production at QM and is designed with sports lovers visiting Qatar for the World Cup in mind. He added that IN-Q is very proud to produce a lot of FIFA merchandise, soft toys, and fun merchandise. "The great shops which tell about the history, themes, and feelings of sports are funny," he said.

He stated that the business has created a lot of water bottles with artwork from both Qatari and international artists that are well-known on a global scale. All of these point to the fact that the World Cup is a multifaceted event that has both a sporting component and a cultural component that we provide through QM to give guests a taste of Qatar's culture and cuisine.

Therefore, Lawrie stated, "We are proud of marketing and showcasing the nation's numerous attractions to please tourists and convey pride to the country, which is a unique place to be.

Speaking of food and entertainment, he asserted that the Jiwan restaurant, which recently unveiled a menu to celebrate the start of the football season, is the place to go to discover the glories of Qatar's illustrious cultural and culinary heritage.

Jiwan is the second restaurant that Michelin-starred restaurateur and "architect of flavors" Alain Ducasse has opened in Qatar, and it overlooks the wonders of the Arabian Sea as well as the expansive views of the Museum of Islamic Art. Jiwan is located on the fourth floor of the National Museum of Qatar (NMOQ) and has a lavish outdoor terrace.

The menu is served sharing style and features redesigned Qatari cuisine with familiar flavors and a hint of elegant simplicity—comfortingly nostalgic. Jiwan's visitors are welcome to enjoy the culinary traditions of the past.