The World Cup Is an Opportunity to Promote Small Businesses

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 06 September 2022
The World Cup Is an Opportunity to Promote Small Businesses

A number of owners of small home businesses stressed the importance of their participation in the accompanying events that will be held on the sidelines of the Qatar 2022 World Cup and demanded the need to open special markets and outlets to market their products during the evening period in the fan’s zones.

Where Ms. Maryam Mohamed, owner of a small home-based coffee-making project and one of the productive families’ affiliates, said that their participation in the World Cup is very important, and she added that productive families need these big events so that they can promote their goods and introduce visitors to Qatari and heritage products.

She pointed out that coffee is considered one of the international drinks and is spread in all countries of the world, but differs in the ways of its manufacture and preparation, and she said during the World Cup, we will provide a unique and rich experience for visitors and we will enable them to experience the Arabic coffee with Qatari flavor and prepared by special methods, and confirmed that she prepares coffee at her home and sells it with kinds of popular sweets.

In turn, Ms. Umm Issa, the owner of a small home project for the manufacture of sprays and home perfumes, called for the necessity of participating in the accompanying events that will be held on the sidelines of the Qatar World Cup 2022 in the coming period and said that the Qatar World Cup is an opportunity to promote small projects and introduce the public to Qatari products that are home-made by Qatari women who are qualified and have long experience in this field.

She stressed that Qatari products will be very popular during the World Cup and called for the need to open new local markets and small kiosks in places where fans gather to sell products and promote the authentic Qatari heritage.

For her part, Mrs. Sheikha Al-Khamis expressed her hope that she will have a chance to participate in this great event that will be held in Qatar during the next few months and confirmed that she owns a small home cooking project that serves the most delicious Qatari traditional foods.

She said it is necessary to find places dedicated to productive families and to involve the largest number of them in this global event, which will bring together guests from different countries of the world who will get to know the Qatari heritage closely and taste the delicious Qatari food.

In turn, Ms. Munia Hamad, one of the pioneering women in the Sadu industry, confirmed that she is fully prepared to introduce the Sadu craft to the public and guests of Qatar, as she specializes in this field.

She pointed out that the Sadu craft is an ancient craft, and the people of Qatar were famous for it to decorate councils and homes, especially on holidays and occasions and during the blessed month of Ramadan.

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