Qatar: A Thriving Destination for Artists

Qatar-Menasa Qatar's 2022 Year of Culture helps local artists establish their voices

  • Publish date: Thursday، 07 July 2022
Qatar: A Thriving Destination for Artists
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By establishing a space to investigate, develop, and comprehend cultures from all over the Middle East, as well as more broadly from North Africa and Southeast Asia, Qatar has solidified its cultural vision during the past ten years.

This year has seen the beginning of a brand-new and crucial stage in the development of cross-cultural cooperation, which is the Qatar-Menasa (Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia) 2022 Year of Culture.

The Year of Culture festivities honor the shared legacy and natural beauty of the Menasa region as Qatar welcomes the globe as host of the first FIFA World Cup in the region.

Programming will highlight the Years of Culture initiative as it celebrates its tenth anniversary.

Qatar: A Thriving Destination for Artists

The Palestinian artist Majdulin Nasrallah works in a variety of fields. She challenges existing structures and processes using both art and design as a tool to elicit critical thought and discussion. She explores ideas of physical space and objects in relation to the human experience using a variety of mediums and scales in her work, which frequently engages with the dialogue and interaction between the human body and the built environment.

The interactive public artwork "Balance Bench," by Nasrallah, addresses the idea of psychological and physical boundaries on both an individual and social scale. The seat's shaky and fragmented shape serves as a metaphor for the barriers that exist between people on a social, cultural, and political level.

By working together, visitors balance the seat and activate it. One cannot sit alone; four people must communicate and work together for the seat to balance. They all unavoidably become aware of the importance of one another's existence because each person's movements have an impact on the stability of the other.

Qatar: A Thriving Destination for Artists

Othman Khunji (Bahraini) is a conceptual artist who works across disciplines. His expertise includes interactive installation design and product design. His research focuses on how social behaviors can be used to convey how religion, culture, and society are related through the language of design.

Maryam al-Majid, a Qatari Indian, has a diversified background and is a fusion of two extremely rich cultures: India and Qatar. She was exposed to both nations' ideals at a young age and has been influenced by them in many ways.

Sparrow of the Sea was designed by Maryam al-Majid, who drew inspiration from her own life and past. The jewelry design in the show by Al-Majid reflects her multicultural upbringing and marriage of two extremely rich cultures, Qatar and India. The golden sparrow's wings in her created choker stand in for India, while the pearls evoke Qatar, creating a piece that is both stunning and profoundly meaningful.

Qatar: A Thriving Destination for Artists

Egyptian new media artist, designer, and educator Hadeer Omar. Her study uses immersive XR media and technologies, graphics, photography, audiovisual performances, and video art installations to examine cultural identity and memories, the self, and narratives.