Purple Island in Qatar Ranked Among World's Top 50 Islands

  • Publish date: Saturday، 03 September 2022
Purple Island in Qatar Ranked Among World's Top 50 Islands

A diverse selection of islands, including the remote island of Mnemba in Tanzania and the Turkish island of Bozcaada in the Aegean, including Purple Island in Qatar is one of the Best Islands in the World.

Big 7 Travel, a global travel website, recently unveiled its yearly ranking of "The 50 Best Islands In The World" based on editorial team contributions and the summation of prior social media results.

According to the website, Purple Island, Qatar, was featured. It was described as an island with an interesting history because it had previously served as a temporary trading post for Bahrain and had been inhabited by fishermen and pearl divers since 2000 BCE. It said, "Because of the Fifa World Cup, everyone is talking about Qatar this year, but if you're looking for a break from the throng, you might want to think about traveling to one of the country's islands. Instead of being artificial like many of Qatar's islands, Purple Island has a rich history, interesting ruins, and a variety of birds and ocean."

The Galapagos Islands, in Ecuador; Kauai, Hawaii; Cebu, Philippines; Fraser Island, Australia; Mauritius and Jamaica are a few of the islands mentioned.

The Purple Island

More exists on Purple Island than one could ever imagine. One of Qatar's well-known islands, this natural wonder is also referred to as Al Khor island and is located on the nation's northeastern coast. The island offers a wide range of tourist attractions despite its tranquil setting away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. It is actually one of the best places to visit in Qatar for kayaking.

Along with participating in water sports, one can observe the extraordinary variety of plants and fauna in this area. It's interesting to note that Purple Island in Qatar is home to the biggest mangrove plantation in the country, making it a must-see site. Do you like the past? But Qatar's oldest site, an archeological site that goes back to 3000 BC, is located on The Purple Island.

Purple Island is best visited between November and February when Qatar is at its coolest.

To get there, take the Doha Expressway or Al Khor Coastal Road north of Doha for 50 minutes, which will take you to the city of Al Khor.

The purple island is the perfect destination if you just want to disconnect from the monotonous city life. It is one of the most beautiful treasures in Qatar. It is green in color and the perfect vacation spot for those who enjoy the outdoors and are interested in fish, crabs, flowers, plants, fossils, and wildlife. It is simple to stroll about the island and take in its splendor.

The term "purple dye" was given to the island since it was a place where dye is produced. The excavations contain a midden that contains the remains of several crushed seashells.