Diversity of Events Enhances Domestic Tourism

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 04 May 2022
Diversity of Events Enhances Domestic Tourism

A number of citizens said the variety of events held throughout the year is one of the best ways to promote domestic tourism and encourage citizens to spend holidays on different occasions inside the country instead of traveling abroad.

They called for taking advantage of the Qatari islands to hold some events and benefit from their splendid appearance on the sea, as is the case with the Safliya Island and other islands, pointing out that the State of Qatar has a modern infrastructure that is comparable to that of the most developed countries thanks to hosting the World Cup scheduled at the end of this year, stressing that this infrastructure would help to make the various events successful, whether at the local or international level.

The diversity of events is one of the best ways to stimulate and encourage domestic tourism, said Mohammed al-Yafei. The tastes are different. There are people who love sports events, people who love recreational activities, and people who love cultural events and competitions. There is no doubt that the variety of events that are held periodically by the relevant authorities in the State will attract members of society to watch and be associated with them, as is the case with similar events that are held in some countries of the region. It is not enough to diversify the activities only, he said, but also to diversify the activities, such as events in the country's outer areas, such as al-Khor, al-Shamal, and al-Shihaniya, and not only in Doha. It is also important to intensify the publicity campaign for these events, so people know when they will be held, he said.

In his turn, Ali Al Hajri stressed that the concerned authorities in the State have made great efforts over the past years in developing the infrastructure and that there is an urgent need to benefit from it in promoting domestic tourism in the State. He said that the State of Qatar has the expertise and capabilities that qualify it to hold various kinds of events, whether sporting, cultural or recreational, especially those that are held in some countries of the region.

There is a need to develop new strategies in the field of domestic tourism that are compatible with the state's potential, he said, and to maximize the benefit of that potential. Events should not be limited to specific areas inside Doha, he said, but events should be moved to foreign cities. He stressed the need to pay attention to international sporting events, adding: Hosting international sporting events is an important attraction, not only for domestic tourism but also for foreign tourism, he said. Periodic renewals are an important necessity in the events held, so citizens do not feel bored with these events, and it is important to benefit from the cumulative experiences we have and to take advantage of similar experiences in this regard, with the aim of encouraging citizens to spend holidays in different occasions inside the country rather than traveling abroad, he said.

Mohammed Al-Saadi said that despite the recognition of the challenges and difficulties facing the organization of events, foremost among which is the weather, it is possible to expand the holding of various events in commercial complexes and undisclosed areas in general and to select those events that are suitable for those sites.

There is a need to renew the events that are held and to be keen on innovation and development, he said. Katara is an important cultural and recreational site in the country, and we need to expand the holding of many events in it throughout the year, he said, adding that clubs are an effective means to attract families, and we need their presence in order to diversify the entertainment product in the country while taking care to move the events out of Doha. He noted that the potential that the State of Qatar enjoys thanks to the World Cup has become huge potential to hold various events at the local and international levels as well.

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