Qatar Climate: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 15 March 2022
Qatar Climate: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall

Qatar has a desert climate as the other GCC countries occupying the eastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula, with temperatures peaking at around 50 degrees in Summer. Learn more about Qatar Climate in the following article. 

Winter Weather in Qatar  

Winter in Qatar is the ideal session for picnics, camping, and outdoor activities. During winter in Qatar the temperatures are around 75°F (23°C), and rarely fall below 64°F (18°C) or exceeding 84°F (29°C). 

Winter Months in Qatar  

The winter in Qatar is in December, January, and February.   

 Spring Weather in Qatar  

People living in Qatar can still enjoy outdoor activities in spring such as going to the beach, having a walk at night, and hosting BBQ parties in the backyard or any of Qatar’s parks. The weather in Qatar during Spring is warm, where daily elevated temperatures are from 76°F (24°C) to 104°F (40°C), rarely falling below 70°F (21C) or exceeding 110°F (43°C). While daily low temperatures are from 62°F (16°C) to 84°F (28°C), rarely falling below 56°F (13°C) or exceeding 90°F (32°C).  

Spring Months in Qatar  

The Spring in Qatar is in March, April, and May.   

Summer Weather in Qatar  

During summer, all activities are limited to those that are in the indoor attractions due to the elevated temperature in Summer that can reach 106°F (41°F), rarely falling below 97°F (36°C) or exceeding 112°F (44°C). Daily low temperatures during Summer in Qatar are around 87°F (30°C), rarely falling below 79°F (26°C) or exceeding 93°F (33°C).  

Summer Months in Qatar  

The Summer in Qatar is in June, July, and August.   

Fall Weather in Qatar  

You need to check out the weather bulletin during the fall to decide the right activity for that day, whether an indoor or outdoor activity. During fall in Qatar, daily elevated temperatures are from 102°F (38°C) to 79°F (26°C), rarely falling below 74°F (23°C) or exceeding 107°F (41°C). On the other hand, daily low temperatures are from 87°F (30°C) to 66°F (18°C), rarely falling below 61°F (16°C) or exceeding 91°F (32°C).  

Fall Months in Qatar   

The Fall in Qatar is in September, October, and November.  


When is the Hottest Month of the Year in Qatar? 

July is the hottest month of the year in Qatar, with an average high of 106°F (41°C), and a low of 88°F (31C).  

When is the Coldest Month of the Year in Qatar?  

January is the coldest month of the year, and specifically, January 25, where temperature range from 58°F (14°F) to 71°F (21°F).  

When is Rainfall in Qatar? 

Rainfall during the winter in Qatar is constant, and rain usually falls in December, January, and February, with an average of 0.3 inches throughout, and rarely exceeding 1.3 inches.  

When is the Best Time to Visit Qatar?  

Those who are interested in summer activities can visit Qatar from early April to early May. While those who prefer the wintry weather can visit Qatar from late October to late November.  

That was it about Qatar Climate, and for more articles about Qatar visit Qatar Moments.   

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