Doha Ranked as One of The World's Top Places to Work And Live in

  • Publish date: Monday، 09 January 2023
Doha Ranked as One of The World's Top Places to Work And Live in

In order to make Qatar one of the world's best places to live, the nation's wise leaders have spent a great deal of thought, time, money, and effort over the years. As a result of the success of these efforts, Qatar is today regarded as one of the world's most rich, most peaceful, and crime-free countries.

The 27th Top City in the world to live, work, visit, and invest in was named Doha by Resonance Consultancy on Sunday. Resonance Consultancy is a leading global advisor on placemaking, branding, and marketing for the world's best cities and destinations.

Global cities (Metropolitan regions with populations of more than one million) were rated for the World Best Cities 2023 rankings using a combination of data performance and qualitative assessments by residents and visitors in 24 areas, divided into six key categories.

“In less than a century, Qatar went from a poor UK protectorate with a dwindling fishing industry to an independent nation that today is the richest state per capita in the world. With the shrewd investment of oil wealth, the Qatar Investment Authority is estimated to be worth almost $450bn,” the report said.

Qatar was ranked the safest place to live in the world in January 2022. The country's crime index (overall degree of crime) and safety index (general safety levels) were 13.78 and 86.22, respectively, based on the Numbeo Crime Index by Country 2022, which surveyed 142 countries.

The Global Peace Index also saw significant progress from Qatar last year. With a total score of 1.530, Qatar received a position of 23rd out of 163 countries in the report released in June 2022. The Middle East and North Africa region rankings were likewise easily won by Qatar for the fourth consecutive year.

The Expat Insider Report 2022 by InterNations ranked Qatar as the eighth-best country in the world for "Best Quality of Life for Expat Women," which further highlighted Qatar's contributions to the welfare of its expatriate population. That same year, Qatar was named the 26th Best Place for Expats.

The 2022 FIFA World Cup served as a platform to highlight the nation's enormous progress in terms of infrastructure and human capital. With numerous further significant sporting and other events on the horizon, including the prestigious 2030 Asian Games, the nation is prepared to embrace the future even more and gain recognition for it.

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