Outlook and Opportunities Before and After World Cup 2022 Webinar

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 27 September 2022
Outlook and Opportunities Before and After World Cup 2022 Webinar

Due to the FIFA World Cup, Qatar's business and investment sector has made significant strides. The many industries in the local business ecosystem are in a strong position due to the country's rapid expansion, and the GDP is predicted to double in the years after the World Cup.

If you want to participate in Qatar's commercial and investment opportunities in the future, you'll need to be informed in areas that only specialists will be.

In order to connect industry business and investment specialists with a larger audience, Commercial Bank and Euromoney provide the platform in this instance.

In this webinar, experts from the Commercial Bank of Qatar, Al Rayan Investment, Euromoney, and United Development Company (UDC) will share their insightful knowledge and discuss financing, investment, and business opportunities related to the World Cup's impact on Qatar's economy. The webinar is being co-hosted by Commercial Bank of Qatar and Euromoney.

This is a special chance for participants to express their queries and worries, get insightful knowledge, and start a dialogue about the subject.

Who makes up the panel?

Senior Advisor at Euromoney Richard Banks (Moderator)

Richard Banks specializes in generating business in the Middle East for businesses and financial institutions. He is a partner of Soling Partners LLC, a boutique consultancy firm that helps clients expand their businesses and raise money in the Middle East.

He currently provides advice to a group of prestigious international asset managers that are responsible for more than US$ 2 trillion in assets. In addition, he serves as a Strategic Advisor to M7 Real Estate Investment and a Non-Executive Director of Lincoln College International, a UK corporation with significant investments in the GCC education sector.

Dr. Leonie Lethbridge, EGM & Chief Operating Officer at Commercial Bank of Qatar

Leonie joined Commercial Bank in July 2017 after serving as Chief Executive Officer of ANZ Royal Bank, the top foreign bank in Cambodia, from 2016 to 2017. In her 15 years at ANZ, Dr. Lethbridge served in senior roles across developed and emerging markets, including as a CEO, COO, and CRO.

Previously, Dr. Lethbridge worked as a management consultant, providing guidance to clients in the industrial, telecommunications, and financial services industries. In a variety of organizations, she has held executive positions in the industrial sector in Australia and Asia. Additionally, she has held a number of consulting roles for both public and private sector organizations.

Akber Khan, Senior Director, Asset Management at Al Rayan Investment

Akber earned a degree in economics and history from University College London. He has resided in London, Frankfurt, Karachi, Doha, and Dubai.

Basil Bachos, Residential Sales Director of United Development Company (UDC)

In his capacity as UDC's Residential Sales Director, Basil Bachos is responsible for the sales, marketing, and revenue management of the company's extensive inventory of upscale homes on The Pearl and Gewan Islands.

What are the points of discussion?

1. The macro-outlook for Qatar.

Because of the World Cup in Qatar, the country's thriving gas, tourist, financial, and investment industries have undergone significant changes and will continue to do so. The webinar will examine each field and its significant potential in more detail.

2. The impact of Qatar hosting the FIFA World Cup in 2022

The economy, reputation, and investment climate in Qatar have all been impacted by the World Cup 2022. Learn from the experts on the panel how to comprehend the trends and maximize the opportunities they will bring.

3. The legacy of the 2022 World Cup

As the World Cup strengthens Qatar's position internationally, it will create chances for trade, finance, and investment in Qatar. Learn how to recognize the finest chances and the tactics to use following the World Cup.

4. Customer security and fraud during the FIFA World Cup in 2022

Threats to customer security and fraud should be anticipated given that Qatar will be in the spotlight internationally during the international competition. Learn what precautions to take and how to identify fraudulent businesses and scams.

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