All You Need to Know About World Cup Qatar 2022 Tickets

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 28 September 2022
All You Need to Know About World Cup Qatar 2022 Tickets

More than 2.45 million FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 tickets have already been sold, so if you haven't done so already, you should put getting tickets to the biggest event on your to-do list.

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 ticket options

You can purchase three different kinds of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 tickets: individual, team-specific, and four-stadium series. The four-stadium ticket series is for fans who don't care which teams they see and simply want to enjoy a World Cup match. The individual tickets are self-explanatory.

You can apply for three group stage matches only, three group stage matches and a round of 16 matches, or three group stage matches, a round of 16, a quarter-final, a semifinal, and a final match for team-specific tickets.

Households may apply for up to six tickets per game and up to 60 games in a calendar year to enable fans to take advantage of the stadiums' proximity and watch numerous games in a single day.

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 ticket prices

Doha locals are eligible to benefit from discounted prices on category four FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 tickets, just like in previous competitions.

The opening match is priced at QR200, while most of the group matches have prices of QR40. The cost of the round of 16 matches is QR70; the semi-finals are QR300; the final is QR750, and the third-place playoff is QR300. Only individual match tickets are eligible for these special prices; ticket series are only eligible for categories one through three.

You must apply for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 tickets using the portal designed for citizens of Qatar, and you must include your Qatari address as well as your QID number.

You can buy category three, category two, and category one tickets for non-Qatari citizens.

Category 3 prices:

Opening game: 1100 QR

Group games - 250 QR

Round of 16: 350 QR

Quarterfinals: 750 QR

Semi-finals – QR1,300

Third-place match – QR750

Final – QR2,200

Category 2 prices:

Opening game: 1600 QR

Matches in groups - QR 600

Round of 16: 750 QR

Quarterfinals: 1 050 QR

Semi-finals: 2,400 QR.

Third-place contest: 1,100 QR

Final: 3,650 QR

Category 1 prices:

  • Opening match – QR2,250
  • Group matches – QR800
  • Round of 16 – QR1,000
  • Quarter-finals – QR1,550
  • Semi-finals – QR3,480
  • Third-place match – QR1,550
  • Final – QR5,850
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