The Launch of Spanish-Language Radio Station to Cover the World Cup

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 08 November 2022
The Launch of Spanish-Language Radio Station to Cover the World Cup

Qatar Media Corporation has launched the Spanish-language radio, "Hola Qatar”, as part of its preparations to keep pace with the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

This came during a press conference held by the Foundation on Wednesday, November 2, to announce the special programs prepared by the Foundation's radio and television platforms in preparation for Qatar's hosting of the World Cup.

His Excellency Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Thani Al Thani, CEO of Qatar Media Corporation, started the press conference by saying: “For 12 years, the State of Qatar has been working hard to prepare the country in all fields for this moment in which the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 begins, as Qatar took it upon itself to be to all Arabs and to represent them in the best way,” stressing that the responsibility of the Qatar Media Corporation was to follow up on the readiness of all state institutions and agencies to organize the World Cup.

Mabrouk Al Zayani, Supervisor of Hola Qatar Radio, gave a full explanation of the channel’s goals, which target Spanish speakers residing in Qatar and the World Cup audience to introduce Qatari culture through its various programs, explaining that choosing the name means “hello” and indicates Qatar’s welcome to its guests during the World Cup.

In a related context,  Ali Al-Sada, who is in charge of the business and tasks of the Director of Qatar TV, said that preparations began early for this major occasion, which is taking place for the first time in our Arab region, noting that the implementation of coverage plans depends on two axes, the first of which is related to the content through agreement with distinguished guests to enrich discussions about the championship. As for the second, we have equipped technical teams capable of conveying the image of the event in an integrated manner from all parts of Qatar, in order to achieve the vision of the Qatar Media Corporation in interacting with everything that concerns the citizen and providing a competitive media material in the era of satellite broadcasting.

He explained that the daily broadcast hours of television will reach 19 continuous daily broadcast hours, noting that during this period the television will present a new set of programs, some of which started last October, such as competition, sports, service, cultural and social programs such as “ala al tayer” and “The World Cup land "," ahlan bekom" as well as the “Hello World” program to keep pace with the World Cup by hosting a group of guests in the program’s studio in Katara, which is the main studio for coverage.

It also includes external broadcasts from all over Qatar, as well as meetings with ambassadors and officials to talk about the World Cup, and includes live meetings via Skype from all the countries participating in the tournament.

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