A Review of Doha's World Cup Gains during the Buhaliqa Ghabga

  • Publish date: Friday، 29 April 2022
A Review of Doha's World Cup Gains during the Buhaliqa Ghabga

The annual Buhlaiqa Ghabga was held in its sixteenth edition at the Sheraton Doha Hotel (Salwa Hall), in the presence of many citizens and some officials, where this Ghabga is one of the cultural activities as part of the youth’s social responsibility, and every year some important topics are discussed during the Ghabga, highlighting the most prominent issues and discussing them within cultural discussion sessions.

This edition was distinguished by its specialized theme in the most prominent event of this year, the 2022 World Cup, which will be hosted by the State of Qatar next November 21, with the participation of Mr. Khaled Al-Nama, Spokesperson for the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy, Mr. Nasser Al-Mughaisib, Director of Volunteering Strategy at the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy, and Mr. Yousef Al Buhaliqa is a businessman and economic analyst in the Qatari stock market, and Mr. Mohammed Al-Haider is an expert in positive psychology, and the sessions were moderated by Mr. Habib Khalfan.

In a conversation with Mr. Hussein Al Buhaliqa, founder of the annual Ghabga Al Buhaliqa, about the guests of the Ghabga this year, he said: “We are really happy that the Ghabga Al Buhaliqa, which started as a tradition from the house of Father Ahmed. Bin Mousa Al Buhaliqa since 2006, is still continuing and renewed in its cultural and social issues It also keeps pace with local and international events that contribute to the formation of a youth forum, even a small one, to discuss ways to benefit from these topics for the individual and society.

He added: "This year, during Ghabga Al Buhaliqa, we set out to talk through discussion sessions about the most prominent event, the Qatar 2022 World Cup, because we as Qatari citizens are very proud that Qatar is a host for this sporting event."

He explained that this event naturally has positive responses, whether on the economy and trade or on individuals and institutions, especially to create job opportunities and encourage aspects of volunteering and participation. Therefore, personalities from the Projects and Legacy Committee were hosted to enrich the attendance more about this aspect, in addition to hosting experts in the field of finance, business, and economy. To discuss more the economic impact that will revive the state's sectors.

Khaled Al-Nama, during his speech in Al Buhaliqa Ghabqa, stressed that the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy is constantly keen on communicating with various segments of society, through the Department of Community Communication, which takes upon itself the responsibility of clarifying inquiries, As well as informing the community of the development of business progress in relation to the State of Qatar’s hosting of the World Cup 2022, which is being held for the first time in the Middle East, pointing out that the Al Buhaliqa Ghabga is one of the pioneering and successful seminars that we are honored to participate in this year's edition and to communicate with its pioneers and inform them of the latest business developments regarding hosting the upcoming event, wishing everyone success.

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