6,000 Argentine Fans Banned from Qatar World Cup Stadiums

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 08 November 2022
6,000 Argentine Fans Banned from Qatar World Cup Stadiums

The city government of Buenos Aires said that fans involved in illegal associations and others who owe food fees are part of a list of about 6,000 Argentine fans who will not be allowed into the stadiums of the 2022 World Cup.

"The fans involved in the violence are here... We want to bring peace back to football and to have violence outside the stadiums," the city's Minister of Justice and Security, Marcelo de Alessandro, told a local radio station.

"They are listed for belonging to (violent crowds), participating in violent and illegal associations (such as forbidden street businesses), and paying alimony (from divorced parents)."

Alessandro said that to implement the controls in the 2022 World Cup, "as is always the case in the World Cup, delegations from the various police agencies (in the country) will be sent to work alongside the Qatari security authorities."

In June, the Department of Homeland Security signed a cooperation agreement with the Qatari embassy to prevent Argentine rioters from attending the World Cup.

Alessandro pointed out that about three thousand fans out of the six thousand are not allowed to attend the local league matches in Argentina.

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