4 Reasons Make World Cup Qatar 2022 More Important

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 30 November 2022
4 Reasons Make World Cup Qatar 2022 More Important

Many people interested in football emphasized that the Qatar World Cup 2022 is a historic edition by all standards, and they also stressed the difficulty of repeating this experience again in the countries coming to organize this global event.

Number of Teams

The Qatar World Cup 2022 may be the last edition of the World Cup in terms of the number of teams participating, currently estimated at 32 teams, of which Europe gets the largest share with 13 teams, while Africa is represented by 5 teams, and Asia and South America are represented by 4 and a half seats each, in addition to North America and the Caribbean with three teams, and Oceania with only half a seat.

This distribution will not continue in the next edition of the tournament, which will be hosted by the United States of America, Canada, and Mexico, in which the number is expected to increase by 16 teams to reach 48 teams.

The shares of the continents in the next World Cup will be as follows: Europe will have 16 seats, Africa will have 9 seats, Asia 8 seats, North America 6 seats, and the same share for South America, while Oceania will have one seat.

Area Symbolism

What increases the importance of the Qatar World Cup 2022 is its location, as it will be held for the first time in the Middle East region, and for the last time at least in the next 12 years, given that the next version will be held in the United States of America and Mexico, in addition to Canada, while any of the Arab or the Middle East and North Africa region countries didn't express its desire to run for the organization of the 2030 World Cup.

This means that talking about the opportunity of holding this tournament in an Arabic-speaking land will only be possible in the year 2034 if any of the Arab countries wanted to take this step, which history will write that Doha is the first to make it.

Attending several matches per day

One of the beautiful things that will be difficult for the countries organizing the tournament in the future to repeat is the great opportunity that football fans who will visit Doha will have during the activities of the twenty-second edition of the FIFA World Cup, where they will be able to attend at least two matches per day, which has not happened before in the history of the tournament and will be difficult to achieve in the future.

The last World Cup for the two legends

As everyone knows, the Qatar World Cup will be the last World Cup in which Argentine star Lionel Messi will participate with his country, and it will be the last chance for the legend Messi to achieve what he failed to achieve for years, which is to repeat what Maradona did in 1986.

Messi, who won all possible trophies in his football career, is looking forward to winning the 2022 Qatar World Cup, as the world cup is the only trophy missing from Leo's record which certainly increases the symbolism of the Qatar World Cup.

The situation is not much different for Cristiano Ronaldo, who will play his last World Cup with Portugal, and CR7, despite the problems he is experiencing with his club Manchester United, will do everything in his power to lead his country to crown the FIFA World Cup for the first time in its history.

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