FIFA's Application to Analyze Players Performance in the World Cup

  • Publish date: Monday، 26 September 2022
FIFA's Application to Analyze Players Performance in the World Cup

FIFA has launched an Application that gives players participating in the Qatar 2022 World Cup the opportunity to see their performance in detail through numbers and statistics that show the extent of their development during the tournament and how their level has improved.

FIFA was able to develop this content based on information provided by professional players, in cooperation with the International Federation of Professional Footballers (FIFPRO), and the Application will be used for the first time in the 2022 World Cup after the survey conducted in this context showed the players’ interest in seeing their performance data, and their desire to easily access this information.

The Application will collect the enhanced information and present it to the players through data that will be designed by a team of highly qualified football performance analysts, based on tracking and monitoring data, including the number of times the player requested the ball or moved to receive it, and if his role of distributing the ball had contributed to penetrating the lines of the opposing team.

The Application will provide unique information, such as the player's effort and the number of kilometers he has traveled, focusing on the quality of pressure he exerted on the opponent when the latter acquired the ball, according to what is known in the game of football.

The Application will provide information on the statistics of the player's physical performance, which will be collected through a high-accuracy tracking system based on several cameras distributed throughout the field in order to achieve maximum accuracy in tracking players.

This data allows calculating the distance traveled according to different speed levels, the number of times the player ran at a speed of more than 25 kilometers per hour, as well as measuring his maximum speed, provided that all these data appear in the form of heat maps that highlight the player's location on the field.

This new Application will provide each player with a set of images captured during the most prominent moments of each FIFA World Cup match, which they can save or post on social media platforms. The Application will also allow players to view live statistics of their favorite match.

Players will be able to use the app when they arrive in Qatar to start participating in the FIFA World Cup™

The FIFA Players app was successfully tested during the FIFA Arab Cup 2021™, allowing players from different national teams to view data on their individual performance, and was revealed to the participating FIFA World Cup teams during the teams’ workshop recently hosted in Doha.

It is noteworthy that preparations in Qatar to host the World Cup are in full swing, as the whole world awaits a historical organization for the most important tournament, starting from November 20th.

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