God Forgives Everyone Except Baggio

The Story of Roberto Baggio's Famous Penalty Kick in World Cup 1994 Final

  • Publish date: Friday، 12 August 2022
God Forgives Everyone Except Baggio

God forgives everyone except Baggio”, a phrase written on the walls of the Vatican in the center of the Italian capital, Rome, and transmitted by the tongues of Italian people, and followed the Italian football legend, Roberto Baggio, after he missed the “ominous” penalty kick in the World Cup final in 1994 and accompanied his biography even after his retirement.

Under the eyes of more than 70,000 fans, countless followers, and football fans in the world, Roberto Baggio carried the ball, on July 17, during the 1994 World Cup final, to implement Italy's fifth penalty kick against Brazil, which he shot high away from The goal, to kill Italy's hopes of winning the World Cup, Baggio not only killed Italy's hopes and fans, but the penalty kick that he missed was the bullet that hit him since the ball went away from the goal of Brazilian goalkeeper Claudio Taffarel, thus Baggio became the football man who died standing after that penalty kick.

God Forgives Everyone Except Baggio

With a shirt written on it “R.BAGGIO” accompanied by the number ten, and with a performance that lives up to the legendary description, Baggio carried the hopes of the Italians, looking to achieve the biggest dreams of the national teams, because the dream of the World Cup is unmatched by any championship in the world of football, In a match that characterized by caution, in which the samba stars met with the Azzurri warriors, the match did not live up to the expected level, and reached the penalty shootout after a goalless draw.

Brazil scored three goals from four penalty shootouts, waiting for the fifth kick for Italy, whose players scored two goals out of four.

The pressure increased on Baggio, who was chosen to take the last kick in the hope of winning the World Cup with his final touch, but Italy's players missed the first and fourth kick, turning the kick from the hope of victory to hope of keeping Italy in the competition for an extra kick.

Baggio who known as his “cold-blood”, as the opponents described him before the lovers. Baggio advanced under great psychological pressure and hit the ball past the goal high, announcing the loss of the Italian national team and the end of the dream, so that the whole world would witness Baggio’s “pause”, which was more eloquent than any words, to indicate the loss of the dream of a player who fought for Winning the World Cup.

One day, Baggio told the Football Italia website, describing the penalty shootout as “ominous,” adding, “It kept hunting me before sleep for years, I had never in my football life taken a penalty kick over the crossbar before that kick.”

Baggio talked about his disappointments and suffering in football, “Unfortunate moments I experienced when I was a player, not only because of the kick I missed in the World Cup but because of the many injuries that exhausted me, it was a nightmare for me,” he continued, “I remember that I asked my mother after the first surgery, to kill me to end my suffering.”

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