The Best Coaches in The World Cup History Part 2

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 24 August 2022
The Best Coaches in The World Cup History Part 2

We continue with the list of the best coaches in the history of the World Cup

Enzo Bearzot

The Best Coaches in The World Cup History Part 2

You are a great coach when you deviate from expectations and achieve something exceptional, which is exactly what Enzo Berzot did in the 1982 World Cup, Italy had been eliminated from the group stage in Euro 1980 two years before, and that period in the Italian league witnessed many scandals of match-fixing and betting among some players, led by Paolo Rossi, who was imprisoned for two years.

Enzo Berzot called up Rossi for the national team after he was released from prison just two months before the World Cup, This was a strange decision that sparked a lot of controversies, but our genius coach saw farther than everyone sees, as he knows his urgent need for a player like Rossi to implement his modern ideas in that era by relying on the quick counter-attacks that were his first weapon in the tournament, and he is the one who eliminated Brazil early from that tournament, Which had a terrifying team at the time, and continued his career in the tournament until he defeated Germany by three goals to one goal, thus crowning Italy with the 1982 World Cup.

Guus Hiddink

The Best Coaches in The World Cup History Part 2

Perhaps one of the most famous coaches on this list for the current generation, the Dutch coach literally made the impossible in the 2002 World Cup when he led South Korea to reach the semi-finals.

Hiddink played on the potential of his players and made a fighting team in the tournament, applying the Italian philosophy in defense and playing on counterattacks, defeating very strong teams such as Italy, Portugal, and Spain.

Cesar Luis Menotti

The Best Coaches in The World Cup History Part 2

Argentina won the World Cup twice, and everyone remembers only the famous 1986 World Cup, which put Diego Maradona at the forefront of the best players throughout history for his performance in that tournament, but no one talks about the 1978 World Cup in which the most prominent star was coach Cesar Luis Manotti.

Luis Manotti decided to exclude Maradona from the Argentine national team when Diego was only 18 years old, although Maradona was not that star at the time. Everyone criticized his decision at first, and these criticisms turned into praise after the end of the tournament that crowned her title at the expense of the Netherlands in the final with a result of 3-1, and Manotti is one of the first coaches to apply the high-pressure method in the opponent's areas.

Sir Alf Ramsey

The Best Coaches in The World Cup History Part 2

The only title that England won in the World Cup was thanks to Sir Alf Ramsey when he fulfilled the desire of millions of fans to achieve the World Cup title in 1966, which was held in English.

Ramsey formed a very strong team in both attack and defense, and his style relied a lot on long balls and attacked a lot from the sides, and he managed to defeat Germany in the final by four goals to two after extending the match to extra time

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