The Best Coaches in The World Cup History Part 1

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 24 August 2022
The Best Coaches in The World Cup History Part 1

There are many distinguished coaches who made their mark in the World Cup, one of them won the title more than once, and some of them led their team to crown the title after a very distinguished performance during which he wove new training foundations, and some of them did not crown the title but achieved an achievement engraved with letters of gold in the history of football.

We review the most prominent coaches in the history of the World Cup, they do not have to be great coaches throughout their career, but they did something legendary in the World Cup that put them in a completely different position.

Aime Jacquet

The Best Coaches in The World Cup History Part 1

When we remember the 1998 World Cup, the first thing that comes to mind is Zinedine Zidane, who scored the historic double against Brazil, but in fact, Zizou was not the only one who won the world cup, but there was a capable respectful coach who managing a distinguished group of the player.

Aimee Jacquet did not present innovative methods in coaching and did not sweep his opponents in all matches, but he was tactically skilled and knew perfectly how to employ his players on the field, as he was famous for his great ability to read opponents, and the final match against Brazil illustrates this feature, as he succeeded in stopping the keys players of Brazil, and discovering the gaps that no one saw in the Seleção defense, in short, Aimee Jacquet created a solid, balanced team, and most importantly, tactically flexible.

Rinus Michels

The Best Coaches in The World Cup History Part 1

Rinus Michels is not only one of the best coaches in the history of the World Cup, but he is one of the geniuses of football throughout history, and is considered the spiritual father of the style of total football, and was able to build one of the best teams of all time, and we are talking here about the Netherlands in 1974 led by the other genius Johann Cruyff, who took most of his ideas about total football from his coach Rinus Michels and later developed them.

The Netherlands reached the final in that World Cup, but it collided with the German team, which included very distinguished players, led by Gerd Muller and Frans Beckenbauer, and the Netherlands lost the match by two goals to one, but until now, the whole world remembers the distinguished performance of the Dutch in that edition of the World Cup, and many consider it the honorary champion of the 1974 World Cup.

Vittorio Pozzo

The Best Coaches in The World Cup History Part 1

He is the only coach in the history of football to win the World Cup twice, as he led Italy to crown the World Cup twice in a row in 1934 and 1938, and although football was simple in that era, there are many assurances that Vittorio Pettuso had ideas and methods in coaching far ahead of his time.

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