"The Urge to Win": Artwork by Swiss Artist at Club Suisse Doha

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 14 December 2022
"The Urge to Win": Artwork by Swiss Artist at Club Suisse Doha

In honor of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, the "The Urge to Win" artwork was unveiled on Monday evening at the Club Suisse Doha in front of ambassadors and diplomats accredited to various nations, members of the media, and artists.

A classic dhow is the subject of an artwork by renowned Swiss artist David Pflugi that changes shape depending on the angle from which it is seen.

H.E. Edgar Dorig, the Swiss Ambassador to the State of Qatar In his remarks to the guests, H.E. Ambassador of Switzerland to the State of Qatar Edgar Dorig noted that the artwork is seen as a tribute to the work done by the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy and the events that follow World Cup games. He also noted that this artistic event is one of the most significant events that will take place in conjunction with the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 and will feature a musical and performance show that combines Swiss and Qatari culture.

"As if by magic, when seen from various angles, its contours take on several forms: a flower in the desert, a football floating in the sky, a dhow sailing across the waves, a burning flame, the head of a falcon, and a massive world cup trophy," according to David Pflugi.

Since many years ago, Pflugi has presented World Cup-themed art that is typically autographed by the top football players who advanced to the semifinals of the competition.

David Pflugi has produced roughly 1500 pieces of art, ranging in size from little trinkets to enormous sculptures, in the 25 years since he committed his life to the creation of art.

His accomplishments over this period have been truly outstanding. The Commerzbank Tower in Frankfurt am Main, Germany is one location where works by David Pflugi are permanently installed in public settings.

Fusionism, a brand-new kind of art developed by David Pflugi, is entirely unheard of. With the help of new media, the human body, and cutting-edge technology, fusionism combines the disciplines of sculpture and painting.

Fusionist art mostly consists of building sculptures and reliefs and then embellishing them with several extremely intricate painted anamorphic illusions. Only when a work is seen from a precise angle can the distinct motifs be clearly seen. As a result, viewers are compelled to explore an object in order to learn about its mysteries, continually challenging their own preconceived notions about the piece they are seeing.

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