Ali Al-Habsi: Distinguished Organization of The World Cup by Qatar

  • Publish date: Thursday، 01 December 2022
Ali Al-Habsi: Distinguished Organization of The World Cup by Qatar

Ali Al-Habsi, Ambassador of the Qatar Heritage Program and former goalkeeper of the Omani National Team, confirmed that Qatar impressed everyone at the opening of the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar, and confirmed its experience in the outstanding organization at all levels related to the World Cup so that this became a strong response to skeptics of its ability to host the World Cup.

Al-Habsi said in exclusive statements to Qatar News Agency (QNA): "Qatar reflected a beautiful image of the hospitable Arab Muslim man and provided all the advantages that everyone wished to see and live with during the World Cup," noting that the championship proved that it is for all Arabs, but for the whole world, and not only for the host Qatar.

all of that is because of the wonderful epic scene of all the fans from all over the world and their acquaintance and closeness, and this is the most wonderful feature of the Qatar World Cup.

He explained that the campaign of skepticism led by some was completely unsuccessful, and this became clear thanks to everyone’s praise for the great success in organizing the World Cup, indicating that he had met a number of English media people who attended to cover the World Cup and also some players in the English Premier League, whom he knew them well when he was a player in the English Premier League, and their praise was great for the Qatari organization of the World Cup, and they expressed their amazement and amazement at what the tendentious campaign raised before the start of the World Cup finals because what they touched and experienced on the ground was completely different.

Al-Habsi said that all the Arabs had great confidence in Qatar's ability to organize this historic and exceptional version of the World Cup, and this was proven by Qatar, which reflected a wonderful image to the world that the Arabs respect and value people, regardless of their nationality or belief, as Qatar opened its doors to everyone from all over the world.

He added that the technical level of the tournament is beautiful and distinguished, as the competing teams in the group stage presented impressive levels, and the wonderful performance was reflected in the stands, as the fans enjoyed all the technical details of the matches on all stadiums, pointing out that the level of the teams will increase during the quarter-finals, and the competition will intensify on the way to reaching the final match and then winning the world title.

He concluded: "Despite the difficulty of predicting the team that will win the World Cup in Qatar, I nominate Argentina, and I must also mention the distinguished level of the French team (the defending champion) as well as the England team that showed great capabilities and ambition to win the title, but in my opinion, Argentina, led by Messi, can win the World Cup."

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