The Hashtag "I Am an Arab, I Support Qatar" Faces Western Campaigns

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 01 November 2022
The Hashtag "I Am an Arab, I Support Qatar" Faces Western Campaigns

With the increasing global anticipation for the kickoff of the first World Cup in the Arab world and the Middle East, fierce Western media campaigns escalated on the Arab hosting of this football tournament, through which the State of Qatar seeks to break the stereotyped image promoted by the Western media about the ability of Arab countries to organize a tournament like World Cup, in a contemptible racist and condescending view, entrenches the duplicity of Western discourse, which is too much for an Arab and Islamic country to host such a huge and global event.

In order to stand by Qatar, which is closer than ever to achieving the Arab dream of hosting the World Cup, activists on Twitter launched a hashtag entitled: #انا_عربي_وادعم_قطر to be a trend in most Arab countries.

Arab tweeters who reside in Arab countries and countries of the world expressed their unlimited and absolute support for Qatar in the face of the malicious campaigns that have been targeting it for years after its pace escalated with the World Cup launch approaching on November 20, noting that Doha will prove to the whole world that it is up to the responsibility of organizing an impressive edition of the World Cup.

The Arab tweeters also stressed that Qatar has tired the competitors with its advanced and professional level in constructing and equipping the World Cup stadiums with the highest international standards, as well as advanced infrastructure and modern transport networks, and a wonderful organization of entry and residence procedures through various options to organize an unprecedented edition of the World Cup.

Qatar has also made great achievements in reforming the labor law, which shows its support for human rights and expatriate workers and has reinforced its continuous steps with many pioneering measures and initiatives in favor of maintaining the security, safety, and dignity of expatriate workers, especially those working in infrastructure projects and World Cup facilities.

Among these tweets, Kuwaiti politician Saleh Al-Mulla wrote, expressing his support for Qatar, as he tweeted, "As a Kuwaiti, Gulf, and Arab, I am very proud of the organization of loved ones in Qatar for the largest tournament and the most prominent sporting event in the world, the 2022 World Cup."

In turn, the Moroccan activist Sabah Yacoubi expressed her support for the countries of Qatar, when she tweeted: "As a Spaniard of Moroccan origin, I am very proud and happy that an Arab Muslim country is organizing the greatest global sports event, I wish to our Qatari brothers all the best."

For his part, Iraqi journalist Ali Ismail tweeted, "The closer the World Cup approaches, the louder the voices of hatred, poisoning, and incitement, It is the success tax for a tournament that succeeded before it started."

In turn, the Egyptian sports analyst Ahmed Sayed tweeted, expressing his support for Qatar against these systematic campaigns from the Western media and said: "I am Egyptian, and I am proud that there is an Arab country ready to host the World.

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