Al Khor Park: Ideal Destination for World Cup Fans

  • Publish date: Thursday، 17 November 2022
Al Khor Park: Ideal Destination for World Cup Fans

Al Khor Park is one of the most prominent recreational destinations for families in the State of Qatar. It was opened in 1983, then developed, maintained, and reopened on February 16, 2020.

The area of the park is about 240,000 square meters, and it is located 55 kilometers from Doha, and a few kilometers from Al Bayt Stadium, one of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 stadiums, and therefore it will be an ideal destination for World Cup fans and an outlet for them during the tournament period.

The park is distinguished by its vast green areas and its many trees, such as " Acacia, Sidr (Ziziphus spina-christi), and others," and it hosts more than 500,000 visitors annually.

It is divided into two main parts, environmental and representing about 35 percent of the total area of the park, and the other recreational and representing 56 percent.

The environmental part is represented in a distinguished zoo with an area of ​​(1335 square meters) that contains more than 315 animals of 49 species, including lions, tigers, leopards (jaguars, cheetahs), crocodiles, bears, giraffes, deer, African ostriches, Australian ostriches, pygmy goats, monkeys, rare pygmy monkeys, chimpanzees, rhinos, wild and Asian cats, and zebras.

The environmental part also includes a bird cage, which is considered one of the largest in the region, with an area of ​​(11,400 square meters) and a height of 40 meters.

It contains many birds, including parrots, peacocks, macaws, lovebirds, wild pigeons "Abu Touq", Amazon, flamingos, white geese, white ducks, and guinea fowl.

The environmental part of Al Khor Park for Families contains a veterinary clinic to serve birds and animals, in addition to an air-conditioned museum, with an area of ​​(1,200 square meters), and it has a showroom and a lecture hall which are suitable for many and varied purposes.

As for the service and entertainment part, it contains two areas for children’s games covered with a rubber floor with an area of (4000 square meters) suitable for different ages.

The park also contains an artificial lake of about 2500 square meters, and it also has an air-conditioned covered area and outdoor patios overlooking the lake, waterfalls, and fountains. And a restaurant for families, about two meters above the level of the surrounding green areas.

The entertainment part includes an open Roman theater, which is an amphitheater that can accommodate 400 people, with night lights, changing rooms, and theatrical equipment with an area of (160 square meters), and a ski area with heights and slopes up to 3 meters high and located next to the Roman theater.

In addition to a golf course and a basketball court, dedicated to different ages, with an area of about 2,500 square meters.

With regard to the visiting times, "Al Khor Park" for families opens its doors from 8 am to 10 pm on all days of the week for families, except for Sunday, which is for the public, knowing that the last date for selling tickets is 8 pm.

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