Active Role for Women in the Preparation Journey to Host the World Cup

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 06 April 2022
Active Role for Women in the Preparation Journey to Host the World Cup
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Female employees of the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy, the institution responsible for projects for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, have expressed their pride in participating in the preparations for hosting the first edition of the World Cup in the Arab world.

In an interview with ( website, on the occasion of International Women's Day, the female employees of the Supreme Committee stressed their happiness to have the honor of participating in organizing the tournament, by working in a team of more than 300 women, many of who occupy senior leadership positions.

The ladies talked about the unique advantages of the work experience in preparing for the World Cup, foremost of which is participating in the organization of such a historical event that brings the world together under the umbrella of football, and the diverse work environment that is full of high-level competencies from all over the world

Moza Al Mohannadi: “We work in an atmosphere of team spirit.”

Active Role for Women in the Preparation Journey to Host the World Cup

Moza Al Mohannadi, a Qatari national who holds the position of Director of Marketing and Communications in the Generation Amazing Program, said that joining the body responsible for implementing World Cup projects, and in a work environment characterized by a team spirit and challenge, is what appeals to her and is consistent with her personality.

Al-Mohannadi, who joined the Supreme Committee in 2015, added: "My mother raised me and my sister after my father passed away in my childhood, and she was a great inspiration to me, as she instilled in us self-confidence and taught us to do our best and determination to achieve our goals."

Jenni-Lee Van Gelder: “An inclusive work environment that provides equal opportunities for all.”

Active Role for Women in the Preparation Journey to Host the World Cup

Australian Jenni-Lee Van Gelder, Director of Events Management, expressed her happiness to work with a distinguished cadre from different countries of the world, and within a comprehensive work environment that provides equal opportunities for all. She indicated her pride in the experience of working at the Supreme Committee, which is based on cooperation and mutual respect, while striving to achieve a common goal, as well as the support of team members to each other in various aspects of life in general, in order to bring about a positive change that will last for a long time.

Van Gelder, who joined the Supreme Committee's work team in 2020, said: "We take this opportunity to highlight the achievements and contributions made by women, whether historical over decades, or on a personal level. Participation in Qatar's hosting of this huge event united us all. With a common goal, we strive to organize the most exciting and impressive edition that welcomes all fans and celebrates them at a global football festival.”

Afraa Al Noaimi: “I look forward to inspiring the next generation of women to take up senior positions.”

Active Role for Women in the Preparation Journey to Host the World Cup

Afraa Al Noaimi, Executive Director of the Jusoor Institute, the educational arm of the Supreme Committee, said that women play a key role in many departments and programs of the Supreme Committee, which is very impressive, noting that she had a wonderful career over the last nine years, where she rose in the career ladder from director of human resources to director of administration, and then to executive director.

Al Noaimi added: "I faced many challenges during my career with the Supreme Committee, and I also had many promising opportunities, as well as many of my female colleagues, and we received great support from the senior management, and we had the opportunity to advance career depending on the efficiency of performance."