The Streets of Qatar Are Ready to Welcome World Cup Guests

  • Publish date: Monday، 31 October 2022
The Streets of Qatar Are Ready to Welcome World Cup Guests

Qatar continues to wear its World Cup suit, with less than a month remaining until the start of the big event on November 20, when most of the streets and major landmarks are covered with flags and banners for the teams qualified for the historic football event that millions around the world await.

Most of the streets, buildings, and towers were decorated to look wonderful in bright colors that catch the eye. Slogans and welcome banners topped the scene on the facades of the towers in the Dafna area, and all regions of the country, in addition to the flags of the 32 teams, which formed an artistic mosaic that made Qatar live the atmosphere of the World Cup event a few weeks before its launch.

The concerned authorities are working at an accelerated pace to complete the installation of flags on all roads, as well as decorating the streets, Institutions and companies are also working to decorate buildings with the World Cup logos within the “Zeena” initiative, to highlight the festive manifestations in preparation for hosting the 2022 World Cup Qatar, and to express its celebration of this tournament and marketing for the great historical event, in line with the efforts of the State of Qatar to present the best festive image to welcome visitors.

As for “Laib”, the mascot of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, it has registered its presence in all areas and streets of Doha, where “Laib”, the funny cartoon character, will be present everywhere to welcome football fans from all over the world, and “Laib”, who carries the qualities of courage and inspiration, can break the barriers of time and the place to move from one place to another around the world, and to a virtual world through which it unites global audiences around this historic event.

There is no doubt that the State of Qatar continues to put the final touches with the approaching entry into the World Cup month of November and the beginning of the influx of international teams and fans, as the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy is keen to take care of the smallest details in order to send messages of reassurance to all guests of the region of its ability to receive and host all arrivals to it, and to invite them For an exceptional experience that will remain in your mind for a long time.

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