Qetaifan Island North to Host up to 50,000 People a Day in Nov and Dec

  • Publish date: Monday، 31 October 2022
Qetaifan Island North to Host up to 50,000 People a Day in Nov and Dec

In preparation for the numerous entertainment and cultural activities it will host, Qetaifan Island North is getting ready to greet visiting football fans and tourists. 1800 completely furnished Arabian tents at QetaiFAN Camp provide visitors with a breathtaking sea view of Lusail city as the first level of lodging. Additionally, guests are given a free breakfast and a pass to the QetaiFAN Beach Fest. Al Thuraya Village will provide amusement for families and children, the Arabian Village will present visitors with the diversity and hospitality of Arab culture, and the Beach Club will hold beach events and entertainment shows. Only 5 kilometers separate Qetaifan Island North from Lusail Stadium, making it a must-visit location in November and December.

1800 opulent, fully equipped Arabian tents

One of the major players in providing unique lodging for football fans is Qetaifan Island North, which has a camp with 1800 opulent Arabian tents that are completely furnished and give all hotel amenities, such as free wifi and breakfast. In addition to a clinic, there are also round-the-clock security services. Each tent is made to accommodate two people and offers a lovely and picturesque view of the beach on the north side of Qetaifan Island. Visitors to The Camp may also stroll past the largest beach festival in terms of festivities, which is open all day. They can also take in events and live performances along the island's linear canal.

Beach Festival QetaiFAN

Qetaifan Island North to Host up to 50,000 People a Day in Nov and Dec

Additionally, the island is getting ready to host the biggest entertainment festival on its beaches in the months of November and December. Numerous beach entertainment options, beach activities, food and beverage options, augmented reality shows, daily performances by well-known Arab and international artists, free wifi, and large screens on the beach for viewing all football games are all available.

The Arabian Village

The Arabian Village, which aims to draw both Arab and foreign audiences, has set aside an area of 17,700 square meters for each Arab country, with a pavilion for each serving as a venue for live performances featuring Arab performers and cultural and entertainment events. This is done to highlight the diversity and hospitality of the Arab culture. In addition to Arab cuisines and traditional shows. The village will also have live broadcasting of the matches on big screens. The Village’s visitors are expected to reach 50,000 visitors per day.

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