Demand for Private Planes to Doha Spikes Before the FIFA World Cup

  • Publish date: Friday، 05 August 2022
Demand for Private Planes to Doha Spikes Before the FIFA World Cup

Fans living in the GCC nations will have access to 160 shuttle flights each day to Doha during the World Cup thanks to a collaboration between Qatar Airways and local carriers.

Prior to the eagerly awaited 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar in November, there has been a sharp increase in requests for private jets to Doha, according to a report released on Tuesday by DC Aviation Al Futtaim (DCAF).

Football fans will soon have access to exclusive charter flights from Dubai to Doha in time for the important tournament thanks to a joint venture between the privately held UAE corporate behemoth, Al Futtaim, with headquarters in Dubai, and the Stuttgart-based DC Aviation GmbH.

Affordable Cessna Citation Mustang four-seaters, the light jet Pilatus PC-12 eight-seater, the midsize jet Bombardier Challenger 604 nine-seaters, and other aircraft are also available.

According to sources, DCAF will also be able to provide large-size cabin aircraft including a 10-seater Falcon 2000.

Dubai gets ready for the World Cup in Qatar with a new hotel with a football motif

Beginning the first week of December and continuing through the tournament's finals, which will be held on December 18 at Lusail Stadium, DCAF has seen a substantial increase in attendance.

Holger Ostheimer, managing director of DCAF, was reported in publications as saying, "We are actively monitoring the volume of inquiries and are well prepared with our offering.

Daily shuttle flights

In order to allow World Cup 2022 ticket holders to travel into the Gulf nation and back from nations in the region merely for the day for the full tournament, Qatar Airways announced in May its collaboration with regional airlines.

The announcement included an increase of 30 daily rotation flights from flydubai between Dubai and Doha, 10 daily rotation flights from Kuwait Airways between Kuwait City and Doha, and 24 daily rotation flights from Oman Air between Muscat and Doha, and 20 daily rotation flights from Riyadh and Jeddah to Doha.

The total number of daily flights for football fans based in Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE now exceeds 160.

Supporters who choose the Match Day Shuttle flight option can fly to Doha in the morning and leave in the evening without staying in a hotel.

Additionally, a no check-in luggage policy will be offered to travelers in order to facilitate an easy-in, easy-out travel schedule.

At the "carbon-neutral" World Cup, Qatar Airways defended 160 additional flights every day.

Oman Air would be able to carry 3,400 people per day, compared to flydubai's 2,500 daily passengers. Up to 1,700 people will be transported by Kuwait Airways, and 5,000 spectators will be transported from Riyadh and Jeddah by Saudia using larger aircraft.

Airlines will continue to run their regularly scheduled flights to Doha in addition to the World Cup shuttle flights.

The estimated CO2 emissions from these flights will increase during the tournament.

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