Start Your World Cup Adventure with These Local Gems

Due to its diversified population, the nation is the ideal place for foodies wishing to sample exotic cuisines

  • Publish date: Thursday، 29 September 2022
Start Your World Cup Adventure with These Local Gems

Over a million tourists are anticipated to arrive in Qatar soon to take in the excitement of the World Cup celebrations. Qatar is as prepared as ever thanks to the list of entertainment and activities planned to greet all guests after ten years of preparations and careful planning.

The variety of cuisines the nation has to offer due to its diverse population is one noteworthy factor to look forward to that is barely mentioned. Foodies get the chance to indulge in delectable delicacies from around the world—all congregated in one city—in addition to experiencing an unrivaled football enthusiasm.


Jwala, a restaurant known for its modernized and inventive take on Indian street food, will take guests on a culinary journey loaded with colorful spices and time-honored flavors. The interior is vibrantly colored and decorated in magnificent street art for an unforgettable experience, and the atmosphere is upbeat and casual.

Bukhara Caravan

This long-running eatery is a favorite among Doha residents yearning for genuine Indian food. There, one of Doha's best butter chickens is served, along with delectable mutton biryani and tadka dal.

Al Manchab

Are you interested in experiencing Qatari food? This restaurant is the ideal choice for it. Al Manchab offers a completely authentic Qatar experience with its traditional cuisine and the inviting atmosphere that Doha is known for.


One of the best Iranian eateries in the region is called Parisa. Almost the entire dining room is covered in intricate mosaics, and lavish chandeliers hang from the ceiling. The restaurant is both a visual and gastronomic feast.


The Japanese restaurant Morimoto is a masterpiece of Japanese cuisine and design if you're seeking for an opulent experience. It is refined, elegant, and classy.

Visitors can either enjoy a more leisurely experience in the dining room, surrounded by gigantic rose-gold columns, or witness the art of sushi being created at the sushi bar. There are a ton of wonderful Japanese meals available at the restaurant as well.

Sushi Library

Would you want some sushi to go? If you're on a tight budget, Sushi Libary is a terrific spot to acquire one of the best sushis in the nation. The eatery offers a variety of delectable cuisines influenced by Japan and is situated in a number of malls, making it quite convenient for many.


The core values of Nozomi are luxury, comfort, and a great dining experience. This chic, modern Japanese restaurant has music playing to create a relaxing ambiance. The restaurant established its second location in Doha after experiencing early success in London.

Shirvan Métisse

Speaking of authenticity, the cuisine of Shirvan Métisse, under the direction of Michelin-starred chef Akrame Benallal, draws inspiration from recipes from several places along the North African Silk Road. Unusual menu items include black hummus with a lobster pastilla and seafood pie, a specialty of North Africa.

The neighborhood is already in a beautiful location, so the restaurant's view of the marina is a wonderful addition.

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